3 channel car camera with GPS (front/rear/indoor) with 2K + Parking mode - Profio S12

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3 channel car camera with GPS (front/rear/indoor) with 2K + Parking mode - Profio S12 - Sony Starvis, WDR + 140° angle of view.

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Product description

3 channel car camera with GPS (front/rear/indoor) with 2K + Parking mode - Profio S12 - Sony Starvis, WDR + 140° angle of view. Thanks to this car camera, you will have a record of driving in front of the vehicle, in the vehicle, and behind it. The front camera provides 2K video resolution, the camera is capturing the interior of the vehicle as well as the camera is positioned to record what is happening behind the vehicle (rear camera) and offers Full HD 1080p resolution.

Thanks to high resolution, Sony Starvis sensor, WDR technology, F1.8 aperture and wide viewing angle up to 140° (front camera) and 140° (rear and indoor camera) the recordings from the camera will be of top quality and usable even in poor lighting conditions. Of course, there are also other functions, such as loop recording, motion detection, GPS, G-sensor or support for micro SDXC cards up to 256GB. For vehicle passengers, you will definitely use 4 IR LED lights that can accurately capture the entire cabin, even when it is completely dark.

Car camera set - 3 cameras (front, rear, indoor)

Profio S12 offers a front camera, indoor and rear camera, so the advantage is shooting video from 3 cameras simultaneously at 1440p + 1080p + 1080p/30fps, which will provide you the universal protection on the roads. The front camera can easily record clear, visible license plates and traffic signs.

3 channel car camera Profio S12

Parking mode with detection

Monitoring during parking can be triggered by motion detection or collision detection with continuous power supply. Automatic motion detection is triggered when there are moving people or objects in front of your car, or when an impact is detected. Collision detection allows you to automatically turn on recording in the event of an impact. For the parking mode to work properly, the camera should always be connected to a permanent power supply. Turn on this function at constant power and the camera will start detecting the movement of objects in front of the camera. When the camera determines that there is no movement in front of the vehicle, it automatically turns off video recording. The function is suitable for protection against damage to the vehicle or theft of things.

Car camera Profio S12 parking mode


The Profio S12 camera has a built-in super capacitor instead of lithium batteries. The supercapacitor provides better protection against higher temperatures and there is no risk of damage or explosion than with conventional batteries. It also provides longer life than car cameras with lithium-ion batteries.


Supercapacitor car camera profio s12

Reliable witness to the accident

Thanks to the built-in G-sensor, the ProfioS12 is a reliable partner even in crisis situations. The camera automatically detects the shock and locks the file so that it is not automatically deleted. Such a file is stored in a "event folder" where it cannot be deleted by the loop recording function.


Witness of the accident Profio S12 car camera

Loop recording

Videos will be saved on the micro SD card every 3 minutes (depending on the settings). If the SD card is full, older recordings will be automatically deleted and replaced with new ones .

Profio S12 recording in a loop

New H.265 video compression

The car camera is equipped with a new H.265 compression, which ensures the storage of records in a smaller size. A recording in this compression will take up 30% less space on the memory card, while maintaining image quality. So the memory card will store a lot more records compared to the older H.264 compression.
compression h.265


Sony STARVIS sensor

Sony STARVIS is a pixel backlight technology used in high-end CMOS image sensors. It is characterized by high sensitivity and achieves high image quality in visible light, but also in the area where otherwise the camera would have to use infrared lighting. Thanks to the high-performance Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, a large 6-glass lens, this car camera is able to automatically increase the exposure in dark situations to capture clear videos .

Sony Starvis car camera

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) support

This car camera supports the WDR function, WDR is a state-of-the-art technology applied to cameras, regardless of whether the surroundings are too bright or too dark, or whether there is shadow, reflection, twilight, etc. WDR is the difference in light levels in the image between the darkest and brightest areas.

support WDR function car camera Profio s12

WDR - wide dynamic range car camera

High scanning angle

To reduce blind spots, the Profio S12 uses a 140° wide-angle all-glass lens for all cameras, that conveniently scans 3 lanes on the road. The car camera is highly sensitive and allows accurate and detailed recording of images.

profio s12 car camera angles

Unique adapter design

The unique design of the power adapter hides a USB port and allows you to power another USB device, so using a car camera does not lose the ability to connect a phone to charge, for example.

Profio S12 USB adapter

DashCam Player

In this simple playback software, you will find useful information that has been recorded by the camera. When playing back a recorded video, the data that was inserted by the camera into the video recording is loaded. The software will show you the GPS position of the vehicle on the map, where you will see where the vehicle was at the moment. The data from the G-sensor is displayed in a graph where you can see the overload on separate axis. When using a multi-channel camera, it is possible to turn on the display of multiple images during playback.

player Dashcam profio camera



Model: Profio S 12
Chipset: Hi3559V200
Format of uploaded files: MP4, JPG
Video compression: H.264 / 265 encoding
Lens: 6G glass lens, 6-layer lens
LCD: IPS 2,45"
GPS: Yes
G sensor: Yes (3 axis)
WDR: Yes
Loop recording: Yes
Microphone: Yes
Micro SD support: up to 256GB (min. Class 10)
Data interface: USB C 2.0
Battery: Super Capacitor
Power supply: 12V - 24V (adapter for 5V 1,5A)
Operating temperature and humidity -10° C ~ 55° C, RH 15-60%
Camera dimensions: 109 (L) * 47 (W) * 46 (H) mm
Camera weight: 106,6 g

Front camera
Sensor: Sony Starvis cmos IMX335
Video resolution: 2K (2560x1440) 30fps
Sensing angle: 140 ° (wide)
Lens aperture: F1.6

Indoor camera
Sensor: Sony Starvis cmos IMX307
Video resolution: 1080p (1980x1080) 30fps
Sensing angle: 143° (wide)
Lens aperture: F2.0

Rear (external) camera
Sensor: Sony Starvis cmos IMX307
Video resolution: 1080p (1980x1080) 30fps
Sensing angle: 143° (wide)
Lens aperture: F1.8

Package contents:

1. PROFIO S12 car camera
2. Rear PROFIO camera
3. Cable for connecting the rear camera - (Length 6m)
4. Power adapter 12V/24V - (Length 3,5m)
5. Holder with suction cup and GPS
6. USB cable
7. Manual

Profio S12 package contents

profio electronics The Profio S12 camera is a top product of the new PROFIO ELECTRONICS brand, which specializes in the development and production of innovative cameras that bring a new dimension to their use in everyday practice.

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Profio 3-channel s12

A very good camera that doesn't freeze, I've had it for about 3 months and compared to the Dod, it's top... still very satisfied. Image, quality, software, still the best I've had. We will see a hot summer again.
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