OBD locator 4G - Car fleet GPS location tracker with an accuracy of up to 2,5m + wiretapping

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OBD locator 4G - Car fleet GPS location tracker with an accuracy of up to 2,5m + wiretapping is a great tracking and safety device for cars and commercial vehicles.

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Product description

OBD locator 4G - Car fleet GPS location tracker with an accuracy of up to 2,5m + wiretapping is a great tracking and safety device for cars and commercial vehicles. Get all the necessary information about the tracked vehicle in real time and keep track of the route traveled and the condition of the vehicle. The OBD device is compatible with most vehicles on the market manufactured after 2004. With this device, you will have no problem locating your vehicle with high accuracy up to 2,5 meters.

The GPS locator has a built-in microphone for listening and voice monitoring. LED indicators of the device status - 2 LEDs that signal the device status - can be deactivated, which turns off the LED signaling - and the gps locator is therefore absolutely inconspicuous. Minimal energy consumption - the device is equipped with a high-performance chip, thanks to which it has an ultra-low energy consumption and therefore does not have a negative effect on the battery in the vehicle.

Car GPS locator - miniature and compact design for OBD port

It is a very small and light device that can be held in one hand. Because of this, it is very inconspicuous in the OBD port.

obd car localizer gps location tracker locator

The 4G OBDII tracker is designed specifically for use in vehicles. Thanks to its compact body and OBD port, this device is easily installed on virtually any passenger car and is ideal for fleet management. LTE communication with a GSM (2G) backup system ensures a reliable connection in almost all cases, and the GPS+BDS positioning system provides more accurate positioning capability, helping you stay informed about the location or status of your fleet and tell you exactly where your vehicle is parking, where the vehicle was, where it was in move and how fast it was riding.

This OBD GPS locator also supports 4G networks

GPS tracking with INS - Provides continuous tracking in an area with a weak GPS signal or even without it.

gps locator features


GPS localization via OBD tracker position locator in the car

The GPS device provides tracking to the user in the form of a mobile application called " TrackSolid PRO " (iOS, Android), with which you can find out the location of the tracked vehicle or object in real time and various necessary data.
Another way is tracking the position of the GPS device via the web interface "www.tracksolidpro.com ", which you can use via a PC or tablet for convenient monitoring.

gps tracking tracksolid pro

You can connect to the GPS tracker via the application on your mobile phone, tablet or PC

The map will show you its current location with time, speed and GPS coordinates.

!!! For the locator to work, it is necessary to purchase a license for tracking through the TRACKSOLID PRO system!!!

gps vehicle monitoring tracker obd locator

Voice monitoring

It is possible to use the preset SOS number to send an SMS command to the gps tracker for voice monitoring - listening. The GPS tracker will call you back within a second. You pick up The call and you can monitor the conversation around the tracker.

obd voice monitoring tracker gps voice eavesdropping

Disconnect alarm

The OBD device has a standard interface, so its installation in the vehicle is very simple.
In the event that an unauthorized person disconnects the ODB device, you will be immediately informed about this in the form of an SMS message to your mobile phone. You can use professional vehicle tracking when renting a car, in the event of an insurance claim, or for economic driving.

obd gps locator alarm disconnection anti thief

GPS location tracker - No installation required

Installation is very simple, just plug the OBD locator into the interface in the vehicle and the device is active. In most vehicles, the interface is located under the steering wheel (see picture - A and B area)
You can install in any car with OBD port.

car obd II device gps locator tracker tracking device

Speeding alarm

In case the vehicle will move at a higher speed than the limit, the device will send an SMS to the default mobile number

obd GPS locator speed limit alarm

Vehicle fleet management

If you own a fleet of vehicles in your company, you have the opportunity to track them simultaneously under one account. Using the "Tracksolid Pro" system, you can track up to 10000 vehicles simultaneously via an app or web platform.

gps localizer fleet management OBD II


GPS + LBS + BDS location tracking

The OBD device supports GPS, BDS and LBS locating. GPS is for outdoor positioning with an accuracy of up to 2,5 meters and is dependent on receiving data from satellites. And LBS is for positioning via mobile operator and tracking is obtained from data via GSM network, so this feature can work anywhere with mobile signal range.

gps and lbs localizer in obd II 180 days playback history

GEO FENCE function

It allows you to send a notification when you leave the marked area
(If by chance the driver of the vehicle goes off the planned route, or if your goods/package gets outside the permitted limit). Communication via 4G LTE network with emergency 2G GSM. And it can set up 20 geofences for each locator.

geofence gps locator obd II



plus OBD device with GPS
plus Compact and miniature design
plus Integrated battery that ensures functionality even after removal from the interface
plus Positioning with an accuracy of less than 2,5 meters



Positioning system: GPS/BDS/LBS
Positioning accuracy: 2,5 m CEP
Tracking sensitivity: -165 dBm
Sensing sensitivity: -148 dBm (cold) / -163 dBm (hot)
TTFF (Open Sky): Avg. hot start ≤1s, avg. cold start ≤ 32 sec
Communication network: LTE Cat 1 + GSM
Frequency: LTE FDD: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28
LTE TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
GSM: 850/900//1800/1900 MHz
Power supply - Battery: 50mAh industrial LiCo battery
Input voltage 9-36VDC
Connector: OBDII port
USB: 1 x USB Type-C for configuration
Data storage: 16+16 MB
Speaker: no
Microphone: yes
Voice monitoring range: ≤5 meters
Sensors: Accelerometer and gyroscope
Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Operating humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Dimensions: 51 x 50 x 22 mm
Weight: 42 g

Package contents:

1x OBD GPS locator Profio GPS OBD 4G - S
1x Manual

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