You really do safe shopping with us!

You really do safe shopping with us!

Online e-shop obtained the certificate of the mark of quality - SAEC Certificate - Safe shopping (since 18. 01. 2011) as a guarantee of reliability and safety for all its clients and visitors. This e-shop contributes to increasing credibility of the way of product sales through the e-shop in the public eyes. has become a member of an elite group of online stores not only in Central Europe.

The process of certification has verified the specified requirements for its obtaining, from which we choose:

  • the content of the General Business Conditions
  • privacy of personal data
  • necessary information about the goods, products, price, operator, contact options
  • completeness and correctness of provided information
  • the order process, the speed and way of the handling of orders
  • claim and delivery terms
  • and others...

The list of certified online e-shops you can see here respectively on the home page of the SLOVAK ASSOCIATION FOR ELECTRONIC SHOP as the highest national authority in the field of electronic trade.


safe shopping certificate