Our story

How did we start and what was the story and history of our e-shop Cool-mania? Here we will try to tell you how it all has started from 2010 to the present tíme :) So sit back and read the path we have traveled and the path we are still walking. We wouldn't be where we are now without your support.

This is US at the beginning of our journey :)

cool-mania team

It was the YEAR 2010...

This year was for our team the year of establishment of the Cool-mania website. We started in a modest, small space of 3 offices and a warehouse, in the attic, where in the summer months it was like the Sahara desert :) But thanks to the enthusiasm what we put into it, we took it as a challenge, that the beginnings are difficult and so we didn't give up despite the heat or the small space. And this is how it looked in our office in the photo below.

the old premises of the cool-mania company

This is what the first version of the COOL-MANIA website looked like

We managed it and despite the more difficult conditions and smaller space, we have created the first version of the e-shop from 2010 where we really only had a few products, we started the ordering system and the shipment of goods. Until then our website only worked for 3 language mutations. Even so, there was a lot of work, mainly to catch all the "flies or bugs" sa we call it, that may occur during daily work on the e-shop, to run the order system, shipping, stock replenishment, and economic and invoicing obligations. We learned everything while running the e-shop :)

cool-mania old website

YEAR 2011

In order to gain awareness and visibility of our e-shop and get attention of new customers, we set ourselves the goal of visiting local music festivals, such as BEEFREE 2011, DOWNLOAD festival ZV, etc. - where we presented our products to young people. We managed to collect initial, very important contacts and get feedback from customers, and also based on this, we expanded our segment of offered products, which initially consisted only of LED products, such as light-up T-shirts, light-up belts, party products and others.

festival befree 2011 cool-mania web

download festival cool-mania presentationdownload festival cool-mania sales stand

YEAR 2012

This year 2012, we mainly focused on expanding the assortment from about 100 products to about 300 products, even if we had to limit ourselves in small warehouse spaces of about 60 m2. This was quite difficult, as new and new boxes of goods arrived almost daily and we barely had nowhere to move. We had to find some kind of system because the boxes and goods almost pushed us out of the office, but we did everything with love and still had fun :)

Crowded premises of the company cool-mania media leaders ltd

YEAR 2013

The time came when we knew that we had to move further and find new partnerships, new products and we decided to visit electronics exhibitions in Hong Kong. Exhibitions were a great benefit for us, they helped us to orient in the big world of business. It was an opportunity to get new contacts for business partners and we gained even bigger overview in new innovative products, trends and what is "IN" and what we could start to sell on our website. And after collecting contacts and information about suppliers, we started launching other types of our product range, such as cameras, spy things, or various interesting gadgets or must-have things.

hong kong electronics fair cool-mania visitexhibition hong kong cool-mania media leaders company

Our CEO Mário at the big exhibition in Hong Kong

asiaworld expo mario bruchanik

YEARS 2014-2015

In these years 2014 - 2015, we decided to certify with the ISO 9001 quality management system. In order to gain the trust of our customers even more, we decided to implement the ISO 9001 quality management system and map all processes from receiving orders to shipping goods, the procedure for complaints, etc. All processes in our company are carefully monitored and have their own precise procedures for solving them. It is definitely a step to increase the competitiveness and credibility of our company on the international stage as well.

iso 9001 certificate media leaders sro

YEARS 2016-2018

The years 2016 - 2018 were key decisive years for us in terms of creating a completely new Cool-mania website, adding many functions and expanding the language versions to 20 (currently we have up to 38). We also focused on adding new products, of which we already had about 2000 at that time (currently more than 5000). New products from various categories such as the auto moto section, where we have obtained cooperation with high-quality suppliers of cameras and reversing systems. The category of spy products, gadgets, must-have and even party items has also expanded. We added a new beauty and outdoor category, which immediately found their fans.

cool-mania new website look

YEAR 2019

2019 was a key year for us in terms of moving into new premises. We reached the stage where we no longer had a place to store goods from our suppliers and it was literally necessary to move to new, own premises. Not only our product range has grown, but also our team of 8 cool-maniacs :) So we had to look for bigger premises. And so we went to see the new warehouse with offices and a packing room, where we could imagine our future operation and we succeeded:) After all, judge for yourself.

a tour of the new cool-mania premises

Original proposal - showroom visualization

At first it was just an empty place but with great possibilities for operation and since we spend a lot of time at work, we also had to think about how to adapt and harmonize the operation of the e-shop with the conditions for the comfort of the people who work there, as well as the customers who will come to see and buy the goods in person. And so we prepared an initial visualization of how the work spaces, warehouse, offices, social facilities, kitchen and showroom will look like, which will serve not only as an entrance area for clients, but also as a presentation of our products. So we had a vision and preparations for the reconstruction could begin.

visual design showroom cool-mania media leaders

And we started rebuilding...

First, the interior spaces, partitions of offices, showroom, warehouse, etc., began to be remodeled. At the same time, we had to deal with the installation of electrical wiring, air conditioning, recuperation, tiles, pavements, sanitary facilities, etc. Later, it was time to prepare the storage areas, stacking shelves for the goods on two floors. In addition, offices were furnished from office tables and chairs, through computers, printers, telephones, office supplies up to pens on the tables :)

remodeling of the new cool-mania premisespreparation of the media leaders warehousestorage areas preparation of coolmania

We didn't forget about the advertising of the premises...

And all this happened while maintaining the daily functioning of the e-shop in the old premises, as we had to maintain the smooth flow of orders and shipment of goods for our customers. We couldn't miss the modification of the outdoor spaces, the sticking of advertising foils so that people could find us at the new address :)

cool-mania plastering of premises

And finally, moving the company and warehouse to new premises

And that was total chaos, because the operation of the e-shop in new premises had to be adapted to moving (during the busiest Christmas season) and at the same time the carrying of thousands of items and the sorting and storage of goods on the shelves had to be coordinated, and all this alongside with the normal operation of the e-shop and processing of orders, what seemed impossible, but we also managed this :)

cool-mania company moving incorporate premises moving coolmaniastock replenishment of cool-mania goods
warehouse premises media leaderscompany bulletin board cool-mania media leaders

We did it! The company has moved, the great celebration and let's go for it :)

celebration company cool-mania media leaders

YEARS 2020 - up to present

And this is how our company looks like today when you visit us:) We managed it despite a very difficult period when the bad times of Covid-19 came in 2020, which forced our company to shut down for a few weeks and it was really felt in the number of total orders.
We fought like everyone else, hoped for a better tomorrow and constantly tried to move forward and bring you new and new products and improvment for you.

new coolmania showroom premisesmedia leaders cool-mania showroomshowcases of cool-mania products

The registration of the trademark ® for COOL MANIA is now official...

cool-mania trademark registration

We have been here with you since 2010 :)

cool-mania team photo media leaders

And we believe that many more years await us with you...