UV shoe sanitizer + Sterilizer (sterilization) + shoe dryer with LCD display

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UV shoe sanitizer + Sterilizer (sterilization) + shoe dryer with LCD display​ screen + 7350mAh battery - is a lightweight, portable and smart.

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Product description

UV shoe sanitizer + Sterilizer (sterilization) + shoe dryer with LCD display​ screen + 7350mAh battery - is a lightweight, portable and smart sterilizer shoes. Low weight, compact size, amazing sterilization and deodorization! Shoe sterilization anytime, anywhere! Accurate and secure operating system. The built-in temperature sensor measures the temperature inside the shoe in real time to maintain the optimal temperature.

The shoe dryer and sterilizer is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery, 3,7 V, 7350 mAh, which can be used wherever shoe sterilization is required, and even with a USB-C charging cable. After charging, the 15-minute mode can be used about 10 times, the 30-minute mode 5 times. The built-in temperature sensor measures the temperature inside the shoes in real time to maintain the optimal temperature.

UVC sterilization up to 99,9% + odorization of footwear using hot air and UV-C disinfectation

UV sterilizer sanitizer dryer - for shoes footwear

During the wearing of shoes, moisture forms inside the shoe and bacteria and viruses, which get into the shoes from the environment. and can cause odors or diseases or mold. Capsule S sterilizer helps prevent mold, odor and bacteria and viruses. It provides comfort when wearing shoes, you no longer have to worry about unpleasant odors. The sterilizer dries, sterilizes and  makes fresh fragrance. Sterilization kills 99,9% of the bacteria inside the shoes using hot air and UV-C disinfection.

Automatic diagnostics of shoe moisture + automatic setting of temperature and drying time + automatic start of the sterilization process

shoe sterilizer - automatic sterilization

The humidity sensor checks the humidity status of the shoes, and then sets the appropriate sterilization time and drying temperature and automatically starts the sterilization process. A reliable portable dry shoe sterilizer that has successfully passed the test certificate for deodorization, sterilization and dryness. The fan uses a top speed of approximately 8,000 rpm. The front part of the wire mesh has a large area, so that when inserted into the shoe, it creates an evenly distributed vent in the shoe, which allows the shoe to dry evenly.

Portable and rechargeable sterilizer using a USB-C type charging cable

shoe sterilizer - charging via usb cable

Many dryness tests have been performed during sterilizer development. If the sterilizer is set to a high temperature during rapid drying (the shoe breaks due to the high temperature), the shoe will be damaged. The current temperature will correspond to the sterilization performance, minimize shoe damage and the battery will be set for the longest time. If both parts of the sterilizer are not properly inserted into the shoes, it can cause the loss of warm. If you are using the sterilizer for the first time, use 2 hours instead of the automatic mode (180 minutes is recommended) to remove the odor and use it every day. Do not dry shoes completely wet with the sterilizer, but only the moisture caused by sweat in everyday life.

Folding sterilization box - disinfection and sterilization of personal items

sterilization box for disinfection of personal items

The product package also includes a plastic folding sterilization plastic box, which, when folded, creates a cabinet for sterilizing smaller items such as keys, mobile phone, mask or card. After inserting both mesh endings of the sterilizer into this box, switch on the shorter mode and sterilize from bacteria and viruses.

How to use:

Charge the sterilizer using the included USB cable (approx. 3 hours)
Disconnect both side mesh sections of the sterilizer and insert them into the shoes. Press the ON button for 2-5 seconds.
Press the MODE button and select the mode. The operating time of the mode is displayed on the LCD monitor.
Press the START button to start drying and sterilization. (If no mode is selected - the AUTO MODE will start automatically after the shoe moisture diagnostics are completed).
After drying and sterilization, reassemble the side parts on the sterilizer.

Technical specifications:

Model: Capsule S
Size: 220 x 58 x 58 mm
Weight: 350 g
Wavelength - UV-C Sterilization
Material: ABS, steel
Power consumption: 15 Wh
Battery: Lithium-ion, 3,7 V, 7350 mAh
Charging method: Type USB-C
Charging time: approx. 210 minutes
Usage time: up to 150 minutes
Color: white

Package contents:

1x Sterilizer
1x Protective bag
1x USB cable
1x Plastic folding box
1x User manual

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