Ultrasonic skin cleanser (spatula) - 3 cleansing programs + massage + galvanic current

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Ultrasonic skin cleanser (spatula) with built-in 600mAh battery, with 3 programs - cleansing, massage, galvanic current.

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Product description

Ultrasonic skin cleanser (spatula) with a built-in 600mAh battery, with 3 programs - cleansing, massage, galvanic current - for a perfect skin appearance. The cosmetic device in a luxurious version is intended for skin treatment at a professional level even in domestic conditions. Ultrasonic spatula for the most demanding clients offers ultrasonic waves of skin cleansing and lifting modes, galvanic current, vibrating micromassage, stainless steel applicator for extremely long life, wireless operation thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 600mA. This compact, small and lightweight device contains everything that a full-featured aesthetic studio can offer. The cosmetic ultrasonic spatula is well held and easy to use.

spatulas on face

The cosmetic device offers completely comparable technical parameters, such as the ultrasonic spatula used by professional beauticians. Treat yourself to thoroughly clean and smooth skin at any time and in the comfort of your home. An ultrasonic skin cleansing spatula offers a number of benefits. Deeply cleanses skin pores. It offers an intensive ultrasound massage to increase skin elasticity. The device has a special shape of the application head for easy movement on the skin even through folds and unevenness. It supports local blood circulation, especially in the area around the eyes.

ultrasonic cleanse skin

The cosmetic device focuses on the frequent clogging of skin pores and the formation of blackheads in the T zone and especially on the nose. Regular deep ultrasound cleansing of the skin significantly contributes to the prevention of acne. The large area of the applicator can stimulate fine whipped wrinkles with the possibility of thorough absorbtion of nutrients from cosmetic creams and serums. Ultrasound waves at a specific frequency remove all dead skin cells and residues. Your skin will breathe freely after the first treatment with the device!

cleaning face and skin spatula

With a cosmetic device, it's the same as if you had three devices in the drawer. The application head generates ultrasonic waves, massage and galvanic current. Technologies that are among the most used in beauty salons! In the mode of ultrasonic waves, when using a larger area of the upper side of the applicator, your skin will enjoy a pleasant vibrating micromassage caused by ultrasonic waves.

pore cleaner

The cosmetic device generates ultrasonic waves via the application head. The frequency of the ultrasound is optimized to achieve the desired effect without injuring the skin. All dirt, make-up residue and dead skin cells adhere to the tip of the device applicator. The ultrasound penetrates even the smallest folds and adapts perfectly to the shape of the face. The other side of the applicator uses ultrasound in combination with galvanic current to help effectively absorb cosmetics with a high degree of efficiency.

To achieve even better results on the way to clean and radiant skin, the ultrasonic skin cleanser is equipped with a galvanic current function. The applicator generates a galvanic current with a positive charge. Negatively charged dirt particles are attracted by the applicator like a magnet. Ultrasonic waves, combined with a positive charge, create a highly effective tool for routine skin care. Regular instrumental cleansing significantly contributes to slowing down the skin aging process. The negative charge helps to penetrate the active ingredients from cosmetic sera into the skin.

The dirt is charged with a negative charge and the application head thus creates positive ions, which attract the dirt like a magnet and pull it to a surface where it can be easily removed. The dirt is trapped not only on the surface of the skin, but deep in the pores. Nevertheless, ultrasound plays a vital role in cleansing the skin.

ultrasonic skin cleansing

The application head of the device has a special curvature. You can treat the skin in two ways - the upper edge of the application head or a larger area of the applicator. You can use the upper edge of the applicator for intensive skin cleansing. With a larger applicator area, cosmetics can be absorbed very effectively deeper into the skin. You can focus on fine capillary wrinkles with intense ultrasonic micromassage.

The device technologies are programmed into 3 fully automatic modes. No complicated lengthy setup. The ultrasonic skin cleanser has an automatic program that will provide your skin with top treatment in all phases: intensive deep cleansing, the absorbtion of cosmetics or intensive ultrasonic micromassage of fine wrinkles!

galvanic current skin cleansing

  • Ultrasonic waves supplemented by positive ionization

With a cosmetic device, you can easily remove dead skin cells and residues. The narrow upper surface of the application head is used for treatment. The program is ideal for deep skin cleansing.

  • Continuous and intermittent ultrasonic waves

The program is ideal for cleansing the skin or intensively stimulating fine wrinkles to achieve a lifting effect.

  • Ultrasonic waves supplemented by negative ionization

A larger area of the top of the applicator is used to treat the skin. The program of the cosmetic device is ideal for absorbing cosmetic products under the upper layer of the skin. You can use your favorite cosmetic product.

ultrasonic facial cleanser


plus Removal of dead skin cells and unwanted residues
plus Perfect skin peeling down to the depth of skin pores
plus Functional prevention against the formation of blackheads and clogging of skin pores
plus Effective absorbtion of cosmetics, creams and serums into the skin
plus Lifting effect on fine facial wrinkles and strengthening skin elasticity
plus Non-invasive painless treatment without any unpleasant feelings
plus Local support of blood circulation to stimulate the lymphatic system of the face


Material: ABS, stainless steel head
Color: white
Power supply: rechargeable built-in battery
Charging: micro USB cable, DC 5V
Max. power: 1,5W
Battery capacity: 600mAh
Weight: 82g
Dimensions: 158x50x20 mm

Package contents:

1x Ultrasonic skin cleanser
1x USB charging cable
1x Manual

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