Portable electric massage hairbrush - LED infrared laser

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Portable LED laser infrared electric massage hair brush against hair loss. New laser massager to restore hair growth.

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Product description

Portable LED laser infrared electric massage hair brush against hair loss. New laser massager to restore hair growth is using the latest laser gentle technology (650 nm) with micro-current and high power LED light therapy. It creates a 650 nm low-level laser energy that stimulates the hair follicle, activates atrophic hair cells, maintains a balance of bio-energy and improves metabolism. Micro-current energy is low frequency electric pulse, which effectively activates cells and accelerate the formation of the hair follicle.

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Laser wavelength is 890nm which promotes separation of dead cells and regeneration of new cells. With three strong technologies of absorption of nutrition, the hair growth has improved significantly. And in addition, massage of head skin accelerates the blood circulation of capillary vessels and increase the permeability of cells and so it effectively supplies nutrition into muscles and skin. With energy laser, the increase of blood flow brings the important nutrients into the follicle, and the regeneration of hair follicle will increase the production of healthier hair, so it prevents further hair loss and it also stimulates hair growth.

EMS & RF (Radio Frequency)
A. Recombination of activation of collagen and hair growth, through specific EMS electrical current can stimulate muscle movement in order to improve fine lines and wrinkles, and while it causes no harm to the skin. B. high-frequency currents in the shortest distance between the electrode, depending on resistance of biological tissue, will produce energy in light flowing sections and this means that it produces heat.

Type: Treatment of hair and head skin
Material: ABS + stainless steel
Weight: 450G
Voltage: AC100-240V
Charging: Rechargeable via USB
Vibration frequency: 8600rpm
Features: LED / Laser / RF / EMS / Vibration massage
Use: Treatment of Hair Loss / Hair Nutrition / Hair Regrowth

elektricka laser brush for hair growth

Features and effect:
1. Acceleration of blood circulation and support of metabolism, oxygen and nutrients are transported directly into the hair follicles to achieve the effect of anti hair loss.
2. Stimulation of the hair follicle in order to achieve a reduction of hair loss and hair regrowth.
3. Regulation of the secretion of oil, improvement of the problem of hair loss.
4. Support for healthy hair and improvement of hair quality.
5. 4 in 1 function:
a, Laser: support of hair growth
b, Micro current: strengthen of the hair roots and effect of anti hair loss
c, Red LED diode: helps restore hair growth
6. The device for home health care for your hair
7. Portable and comfortable to carry

Technical specifications:
1. Infrared laser brush for hair growth
2. Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
4. Size: 185x45x55mm
5. Voltage: AC100-240V / 50Hz, 5W
6. USB Charging
7. Packaging: gift box

Package includes:
1x Laser Hair Brush
1x Desktop holder
1x Glasses
1x Adapter
1x Manual

1. RF (radio frequency) function: use several times per day, max. 10min/1 application.
2. Laser function: 5-7x per week, max. 15 minutes/per one application, it can be used 2 times a day.
3. Using the RF function up and down, left and right, can not be used in the same direction at the same place.
4. When using the function of the laser, you always be careful, do not use laser light into eyes.
5. If the device is switched off, wipe the high-frequency brush with a soft cloth, and then place it on a dry place.
6. Keep in using of laser brush two up to three months, and it improves hair loss or problem with a bald head.

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