NEW DERMO massager - diamond microdermabrasion

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NEW DERMO massage device on the face and body for home use with the technology of diamond microdermabrasion for removal of dead skin and wrinkles.

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Product description

NEW DERMO massage device on the face and body for home use with the technology of diamond micro dermabrasion for removal of dead skin and wrinkles. Modern device works on the principle of vacuum system by gently stretching of the skin. This amazing massage device provides a deep massage of the skin, supports blood circulation, activates the vitality of the skin. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. After 4-6 weeks skin will be firmer and more elastic. With using diamond dermabrasion you can carefully remove the rough layer of the skin, and thicken cuticular layer of the skin. Your skin becomes smooth and clear. With this device you can gently remove rough surface and impurities from the skin.

massage equipment Diamond Microdermabrasion

Type: Massage & Relaxation
Material: ABS
Use: Face/Body
Category: diamond microdermabrasion and vacuum skin tightening
Effect: face, lifting of face and body
Tool for skin care: solve all skin problems
Massage functions: device for skin rejuvenation for home use


Color: white/silver
Material: ABS
Size: 66X134 mm
Product weight with accessories: 670 g
Voltage: 3,7 V
Power: 3,5 W
Charging time: 3 hours
Operating current: Level 1: 360 mA; Level 2: 400 mA; Level 3: 450 mA

beauty wrinkle remover


The target user group: 18-60 years
Range of application: chin, forehead, nose, eyes, neck, arms, legs, abdomen
Solves all skin problems: an dull yellow skin, coarse enlarged pores, dark circles under the eyes, swelling, wrinkles, dead withered skin, tightens the skin, removes stretch marks and greasy stains, slims the skin

Skin cleaner with diamond microdermabrasion
Standard diamond extension
Extension for V-facial massage
Filter and rubber seal
USB cable with AC adapter
Charging base
Carrying case
Instructions for use

WARNING: This device helps and improves the cosmetic effect of skin and trying to achieve the best results for your skin. So it is trying for example to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and helps to smooth them, but the device itself does not remove existing wrinkles, it can be done only with proffesional cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery.

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