LCD Ultrasonic exfoliator with EMS ion therapy

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LCD Ultrasonic exfoliator - deep cleansing device on the skin with EMS ion therapy to reduce expanded pores, remove blackheads and acne.

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Product description

LCD Ultrasonic exfoliator - deep cleansing device on the skin with EMS ion therapy to reduce expanded pores, remove blackheads and acne (peeling). Thanks to the LCD screen, you'll be able to watch which program you have chosen and to control device and switch modes. This amazing device will become your necessary companion in your home or on the travelling. Not only perfectly cleans the skin, but also removes cornified skin, blackheads and acne, at the same time removes excess grease, excretes toxins from the skin and reduces expanded pores. And last but not least, it reduces wrinkles.

ultrasound exfoliator

Type: Massage & Relaxation
Material: Medical Stainless Steel + ABS
Use: Face/Body
Function: Removes blackheads and acne, wrinkles, negative ion skin
Product name: Ultrasonic skin exfoliator and cleanser
Ultrasonic frequency: 2,4MHz
Voltage: 110-240V
Charger: EU/US Plug
Power supply: built-in battery
Special: LCD/Ultra Thin

Ultrasound principle of shovel head:
Through high-frequency vibrations, the shovel head of the ultrasound device performs a deep massage that supports the movement of fat while improving microcirculation and stimulates fat burning, splitting and conversion of lipocytes into metabolites, and then excretion of toxins out of the body in order to achieve the best cleaning effect. Thanks to adaptive shovel head, can go deep into the skin 3-7 mm, and thin cosmetic cream (especially for atomization) through acoustic oscillations, emulsifies dirt, excess oil and remaining make-up in the pores, and removes them along with splashing water.

As the fastest and most effective way of cleansing, can eliminate dirt, cornified skin, excess grease and acne etc., so the skin will be clean and ready for better absorption, to achieve the best effect for other treatment and absorption of nutrients from cosmetic products.

Application at an angle of 45 degrees is working to accelerate the metabolism of epidermal cells and renew its normal rate of modernization, increase the excretion of old and irregular cells, soften keratin, regenerate epidermal cells and restore skin elasticity to become a solid, smooth and soft.


ems ions cleaner skin

1. Disintegrates melanin
2. Reduces wrinkles and rough skin
3. Softens rough bumpy skin
4. Removes blackheads and acne
5. With using of this device, the skin will be bright, shiny and elastic

Material: ABS
Color: White
Output voltage: DC 15V
Voltage: 110-220V DC

Package includes:
1x Ultrasonic exfoliator - skin cleaner
1x USB cable (for PC charging)
1x Manual

WARNING: This device helps and improves the cosmetic effect of skin and trying to achieve the best results for your skin. So it is trying for example to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and helps to smooth them, but the device itself does not remove existing wrinkles, it can be done only with proffesional cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery.

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