Car reversing wired set: 5" monitor + FULL HD mini rear camera (IP68)

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Car reversing wired set: 5" monitor and miniature FULL HD waterproof IP68 backup camera for comfortable reversing and parking of any vehicle.

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Product description

Car reversing wired set: 5" monitor and miniature FULL HD waterproof IP68 backup camera for comfortable reversing and parking of any vehicle. This complete car camera set will guarantee trouble-free parking of your vehicle. The camera is made of durable aluminum material, is impact-resistant, dustproof and waterproof - IP68 protection. Medium-sized 5" display with a resolution of 800x480 pixels guarantees a perfect image with adjustable brightness and contrast. You can place the monitor in a holder on the vehicle dashboard or attach it onto the windshield of the vehicle.

camera reversing set for car

Thanks to its miniature dimensions, the rear camera is very versatile, it finds its place for mounting practically everywhere. Thanks to the reversing auxiliary lines, you will park quickly, accurately and safely. You simply connect the camera with the monitor and the power supply and everything works immediately. You can power the device via a cigarette lighter or directly with cables.

The camera is impact and water resistant with IP68 protection

ip68 reversing camera

You can place the camera anywhere, it has an adjustable tilt of 60° - you can rotate the image on the monitor or mirror it.

backup camera with monitor

The ideal solution for cars, SUVs, vans or caravans and other vehicles. Place the monitor on the dashboard or on the windshield.

monitor for reversing 5"


plus Aluminum camera body - shockproof, waterproof IP68
plus Adjustable camera mount: 60° rotation
plus Adjustable brightness/contrast
plus Adjustable image rotation: up/down/right/left/mirror
plus Auxiliary lines for reversing
plus The set is powered by a cigarette lighter, or ACC/fuse/radio/etc



Size: 5 inches
TV system: PAL/NTSC
Monitor resolution: 800x480 pixels
Monitor dimensions: 132x85x16mm
Luminosity: 500cd/m2
Contrast: 500:1
Power supply: DC12V-24V
Operating temperature: -20 to 70° C
Storage temperature: -30 to 80° C

Video camera:

Camera viewing angle: 150° (H), 185° (D)
Water resistance: IP68
Sensor: 1/2,9" AHD FULL HD1080p
Resolution: 1000 TVL (TV lines)
TV system: PAL/NTSC
Power supply: DC12V-24V
Minimum lighting: 0.001 Lux
Operating temperature: -20 to 70° C
Storage temperature: -30 to 80° C

Package contents:

1x Monitor - 5 inch
1x Camera
2x Monitor holder (for dashboard and windshield)
2x Sticker for fastening
1x Cigarette lighter power cord
1x Connecting cable (between camera and monitor)
1x Reduction (DC/cable)
2x Cable holder
1x Manual

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Reversing camera wired

Good reversing camera set. Of course, a stable signal with AHD technology (only one wire from the camera to the power source). I used cigarette lighter power for both, both the screen and the camera. That is, I did not use the reverse light power. In my car, the cigarette lighter is in a good place, it's convenient to snap the camera/screen on/off. The advantage of this installation is that you can look behind at any time. The image quality of the screen is good enough, not quite top, but sufficient for that purpose. You can reverse even in the dark, even though the camera has no LEDs. All accessories included. Installation time (for me...) about two hours.
According to the instructions, I didn't put the camera on the license plate because it would have been too visible. I lifted it to the upper edge of the shield hole and fixed it with glue.

The price/quality is right!

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