Caligrafic pen set + pedestal + Ink + Notebook - Luxury gift SET

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Caligrafic pen set + pedestal + Ink + Eco leather notebook - is a luxury and unique gift SET​ is a real jewel for all artistic hearts and nostalgics.

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Product description

Caligrafic pen set + pedestal + Ink + Eco leather notebook - is a luxury and unique gift SET​ is a real jewel for all artistic hearts and nostalgics. This special pen carries the beauty of a past times era and allows you to revive the art of calligraphy with an elegant style.

Calligraphy pen set in a set with eco leather notebook and pen stand

Calligraphy pen in a set with notebook and pen stand
An exceptional gift for lovers of writing and vintage style

The antique calligraphy pen is an original and stylish decoration that will attract not only writers, artists and book lovers, but also people who like retro things. Its placement on the work table is truly exceptional, as it visually expands the space and creates a pleasant working atmosphere. With its elegance and history, this pen can make every office or study cozy. Be inspired by its calligraphic charm and enter the world of writing with a unique style.

Antique pen with feather gift set calligraphy pen set

Take notes, ideas and important information

Writing down thoughts, ideas and important notes becomes easier with the help of the notebook that is part of the calligraphy pen. This small, portable writing tool offers a wide range of possible uses. It can serve as a diary where you can write down your personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. In addition, it can be a great helper in organizing your tasks and planning your time, where you can create to-do lists and track your progress. The notebook also provides space for creative writing, drawing, or sketching, thus allowing free expression of your creativity.

calligraphy pen with a stand

Luxury gift set

This luxury gift set includes a writing ink pen with blue ink and a metal handle to which the original feather is attached and a stylish metal stand. Together they form a stylish decoration of every work table. The set also includes a practical notebook and a bottle with blue ink. The pen also contains a high-quality nib, which is very pleasant to write with.

Luxury gift set calligraphy pen and notepad


  • Metal version of the pen
  • Metal base
  • Blue ink

Package contents:

1x Antique calligraphy pen with nib
1x Blue ink
1x Metal base
1x Notebook from eco leather

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