Ionizer - Automatic USB air cleaner in car

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Ionizer - Automatic USB air cleaner in car is a handy portable device that provides fresh and a healthy space not only on the roads.

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Product description

Ionizer - Automatic USB air cleaner in car is a handy portable device that provides fresh and a healthy space not only on the roads for you and your family, including hairy domestic pets. It is an automatic air cleaner (purifier) that captures not only harmful particles but also removes odors. Do you transport your pets? Ideal solution to prevent the odor in the car. It can also find its use in the household, such as in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the office.

The 360 ​​° powerful air cleaner with three filter layers covers an area of ​​around 6 m3. The first layer consists of a cold catalyst, the second of the active carbon and the third of the antibacterial cotton. Together, they generate 800 million negative oxygen ions so the cleaner removes formaldehyde, dust particles and bacteria from the air. Thanks to the vertical three-dimensional structure of the air channels, the air circulates faster and increases the efficiency of the air purification. Provides clean and fresh air, so it also improves your health. The air purifier is ideal for people who suffer from an allergies, a cough, cold, an asthma and other breathing problems. Do you suffer from a severe allergy to pollen during the spring and summer months? Create a pleasant environment in your car on long journeys without sneezing and tears.

air cleaner

Smart design in the form of a mug finds its place in every car. The external matt surface provides resistance to wear and at the same time has neutral look. The air purifier features a classic USB connector and a micro USB connector, allowing you to enjoy clean air in your car, while charging your mobile phone. There is a one-touch button on the top, to turn the device on and off. When the cleaner is turned on, pleasant ambient lighting in the form of changing colors will also give to your car the perfect atmosphere during driving in the night. The air purifier is a small, compact device with high performance and quiet operation without any disturb during your activity.

car air purifier


plus 3-layer filter
plus 360 ° space cleaning
plus Deep air cleaning
plus Ambient light - 5 colors
plus Efficient removal of fomaldehyde, dust particles, odor



Usage: car, interior
Noise: ≤ 50 DB
Power supply: DC 5V
Dimensions: (W) 75 mm x (H) 165 mm x (H) 75 mm
Weight: 210 g


Package content:

1x Air Purifier
1x USB cable
1x Manual

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