Plastic box for storing protective masks with a grip for mask

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A portable plastic box for storing protective masks with a grip for mask, is an excellent way how to store the mask.

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Product description

A portable plastic box for storing protective masks with a grip for mask, is an excellent way how to store the mask and so prevent soiling, tearing or contamination of the surroundings. The protective masks have become an everyday part of our lives and many of us must learn how to work with them. Each of us, however, knows the feeling when we put down the mask and we have nowhere to place it. To leave the mask laid in space anywhere is not the best choice. If we have a new clean mask, there is a risk that we will contaminate it in this way, on the contrary, we can infect our surroundings with the used mask.

Thanks to the fast system of opening and closing the box, you reduce the time needed for manipulation with the mask

face mask box

The box for storing a mask is therefore a handy accessory. Opening and closing is very simple (click system) what shortens the time required for manipulation with the mask. Inside the box there is a grip  for the mask into which you can insert the mask, so it does not wrinkle and move in the box. Because the box is made of plastic, it is easy to disinfect it (with disinfectant or UVC light). By wearing a mask in a box, you protect it from contamination or prevent the spreading of the virus from the used mask. You will also always know where your mask is stored and you will no longer have to look for it in the bathroom, handbag or in the car.

Simple patent to gripping the mask prevents against wrinkling or tearing

plastic box for protective mask


Material: PP
Dimensions: 11cm * 11cm * 1,2cm
Usage: interior/exterior

Package contents:

1x box for protective mask

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Cloth box

A great thing for storing a cloth in a handbag. Every day I put a clean cloth in it and when I go home I simply take it off and put it in the box, then I disinfect it at home.
A simple yet effective way to protect yourself and your surroundings.
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