NANO HERO SET - Elastic face mask + safety goggles + protective gloves

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NANO HERO SET - Elastic face mask + safety goggles + protective gloves, ensure a high degree of protection against dangerous environmental influences.

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Product description

NANO HERO SET - Elastic face mask + safety goggles + protective gloves, ensure a high degree of protection against dangerous environmental influences. Whether you work in a harmful environment, viral seasons, or activities with a higher risk of threaten your health.Thanks to this set, you don't have to worry about anything and you still look stylish. This XProtect respirator is a reliable protection against most harmful particles in the air (eliminates up to 99% of pollutants), it is suitable for people who want to protect themselves and their relatives. Protective transparent goggles against mini drops, dust and impacts to objects, adhere securely to the face and are therefore suitable for protecting and preventing the eyes against impact or splashes and possible viral contamination. Nitrile antibacterial protective gloves against viruses and bacteria will safely protect you at all your activities, whether you are at home, outdoors in nature or in business.

PROTECTIVE SET also suitable for protection against the spread of viruses and bacteria such as Corona - COVID-19

nano face mask with glasses

Face protective mask Black

NANO face mask Black - elastic (97% Polyester + 3% Spandex) - face mask ideal for protection against harmful substances and air pollutants will ensure a feeling of safety for you and your surroundings. The protective face masks are made of 97% polyester cotton and 3% spandex, making them durable and breathable. Its spandex component in turn gives the face mask the necessary elasticity, thanks to which it adheres to all types of faces. The shape of the mask also contributes to perfect adhesion - copying the natural lines of the face. Textile face masks for sale online - you can buy the best respiratory protection in our e-shop. 

POLYMER PROTECTION: It is a protective structure with an antibacterial and antiallergenic structure located at the bottom of the filter. The main reason for placing the filter at the bottom is that it acts as a buffer between our skin. The highly flexible and robust layer ensures that the entire filter structure remains rigid and has a flexible structure.

FOAM NANO FILTER: It is a structure located in the center of the filter, it is a patented product with a flexible structure made by a special method with a thickness of 2 mm and a permeability of 0,5 μm. Although the most important feature of the product is its 0,5 µm pores, it has a much lower resistance to air flow. Thanks to this feature provides more comfortable breathing especially in masks. It is produced from a specific kind of polymer blend by vulcanizing under a pressure of 60 MPa.

The mask can be used several times - simply wash it in your hands or washing machine. Thanks to the material from what is made of, it catches small particles in the air, it is also a great choice for sports (biking, skiing, hiking) - as a dust mask, but also in the flu or viral seasons (Corona such as COVID 19) - when face masks are the most widespread and effective means of protection. It's important to protect yourself and your surroundings, and with this elegant face mask, you won't even know you have something on your face. Its plus is its elegant look - you can buy these masks online at our e-shop and we have them all in stock.

The face mask is elastic and can be washed very easily in water.

Place the mask in a bowl or basin and pour the water with 66-75° C temperature on it and make sure the mask is completely immersed under hot water. Leave the mask in water for 2 minutes, then squeeze out excess water and allow it to dry.

elastic face mask black

breathable mask on the face


Protective goggles 

Protection glasses fully closed with built-in foam against viruses and bacteria against droplets, dust and impact and to protect and prevent eyes during sport and other activities. The glasses have HD lenses that are totally clear and resistant to fog, are fully transparent, comfortable to wear and have a stylish design. Thanks to HD lenses, they transmit a lot of light, so you can see through them as if you didn't wear them - what is a great advantage for long-term wear. Ideal also as protection for flu seasons like (Covid-19 Corona).

High light transmission makes you feel as if you are not wearing any glasses - thus also reduces the risk of headaches.

goggles black anti fogging

Ideal combination with masks, respirators and drapes for perfect protection against bacterial and viral diseases


Antibacterial protective gloves made of nitrile

Nitrile antibacterial protective gloves against viruses and bacteria - Black will reliably protect you in all your outdoor activities, in the shop and wherever the situation will require it. High quality synthetic rubber is stronger and more resistant to tearing than conventional latex gloves. Gloves can also be used if you are allergic to latex as they are made of synthetic rubber. Nitrite gloves are also more resistant to chemicals than conventional latex or vinyl gloves. 

The delicate material has non-slip properties and a firm grip around your hands for good handling and sensitivity in your fingers. This increased durability allows it to be used in a variety of industries, from medical interventions, industrial use, laboratory work, food processing to the basic protection of your hands for everyday use, for example, for grocery shopping. Since gloves are more resistant to chemicals and puncture or tear , they can be prolonged for normal use by disinfection with alcohol or spirit. Work protective gloves for sale online - you can buy in stock in our e-shop.

Special nitrile rubber antibacterial gloves made to fight viruses (Corona - Covid-19) and bacteria

rubber gloves nitrile protective black


Package contents:

1x Protective mask
1x Safety glasses
1x Pair of gloves (Optional)

Please, write in the order note, which color (White, Black) and size (S, M, L) of the gloves you are interested in !!!

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