Mirror Link monitor 7" WiFi LCD multifunction for car - VGA, HDMI and AV input for 2 cameras

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Mirror Link monitor 7" multifunctional for car with WiFi (image mirroring with Smartphone), VGA, 2x AV and HDMI input + remote control.

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Product description

Mirror Link monitor 7" multifunctional for car with WiFi (image mirroring with Smartphone), VGA, 2x AV and HDMI input + remote control. This monitor is truly universal with many connection options. It is suitable as a car monitor, truck, caravan, or chat for watching videos, photos, playing games, watching movies, etc. You can connect a computer and laptop via VGA interface, 2x cameras and camcorders via HDMI port, DVD player and TV Box via AV input also has a wireless Wi-Fi connection to which you connect your monitor and your mobile phone with Android, Windows and iOS. The monitor displays the image from the phone (mirror-link, Airplay, screen mirroring, etc.). The monitor has a built-in stereo speakers and headphone output.The monitor is powered by an AC adapter or car cigarette lighter cable, both types of cables are included in the package, as well as a VGA, AV and HDMI cable., The remote control and a mounting bracket are also included.

You can connect the monitor to your mobile phone or tablet and connect up to 2 VGA reversing cameras (displaying either 1 or the second camera). Due to its size and the possibility of wireless wifi connection, it has a wide range of use. You can use the monitor screen (Mirror Link - mobile phone mirror image) when using mobile applications such as GPS navigation, or playing movies and photos.

wifi car monitor mirror link 7"


The monitor can also serve as a display device for a home or car security system. You can connect it to a DVR recorder and see the image from CCTV cameras. You can also connect a car reversing camera to the monitor to watch what is happening behind the car when reversing.

car display mirror link

Wi-Fi, HDMI, VGA and AV connection to the monitor - universal car display

multifunctional car display

Quick and easy operation using the buttons on the display or via the remote control

Mirror Link monitor 7"

You can mount the monitor with a bracket, or onto a wall

car display 7" with console

You can quickly and easily adjust the image on the monitor - to mirror or rotate

mirror monitor for car smartphone

Built-in stereo speakers on the back of the monitor + headphone output

car multimedia display (monitor) 7 inch



PLUS 7 inch monitor
plus Universal use
plus WIFI, HDMI, VGA, 2x AV connection
plus Power supply, or 12V/24V in the car
plus Remote control

Technical specification:

Screen size: 7" TFT LCD
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1024x600
Brightness: 400CD/m2
Contrast: 500:1
Reaction rate: 200MS
Power supply: DC12-32V
Consumption: 7,8W
2 CVBS video input for 2 VGA cameras
Connection - inputs: 2x AV, HDMI, VGA and image mirroring from mobile to monitor via Wi-Fi
Working temperature: 0-50° C
Supported operating systems: iOS 8 and higher, Android 4,4 and higher, Windows 10 and higher
Wi-Fi: yes, 2,4 GHz, 802.11b/g/n
WiFi signal range: 5 meters
Dimensions: 17,8 x 12 x 2,1 cm

Package contents:

1x Monitor 7"
1x Power cord - mains adapter
1x Car power cable 12V
1x Remote control
1x VGA cable
1x AV cable
1x HDMI cable
1x Console
1x Sticker under the console
1x Manual

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OK, the adapter is missing

The screen is good and sharp.
The power source lacks a Euro plug adapter, so it only fits into an American socket.
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