Glasses with built-in spy HD camera (perfect camouflage)

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Glasses with perfect camouflage - built-in spy HD camera and audio recording, have a stylish design and practical use.

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Product description

Glasses with perfect camouflage - built-in spy HD camera and audio recording, have a stylish design and practical use. If you would try to find a camera in the glasses, you will not find it, even if you were a spy expert. Glasses does not look like having built-in camera. No visible lens or mini hole for the lens.

The camera is integrated in the frame and records through the one-way transparent plastic what makes it inconspicuous. The camera is not visible by the naked eye or under any angle, or in backlit. The control is quite simple via a single button, which is on the internal side of the frame and is also designed to be inconspicuous. These spy glasses have a perfect camouflage. The image is recorded in HD resolution 1280 x 720p at 30fps to microSD card to a maximum of 32 GB.

glasses with perfect camouflage

Battery with a capacity of 260 mAh is built on the right side of the frame. One battery has a battery life up to 1,5 hours of recording. Recording is saved after 10 minutes and has 1 GB. On 32GB card can be stored up to 5 hours of recording. When charging the battery, remove the right side of the frame and connect it via the mini 8-pin USB to charger. The big advantage is that the package includes one spare arm with a battery that you can connect to glasses, while the other battery is charging. This allows you to continuously record video. You will appreciate the function of charging the battery via the POWERBANK which will ensure that you always have a charged battery on hand.

Glasses 2 x arm with battery

With spy glasses you record exactly what you can see while your hands are free. HD glasses are an ideal choice if you need to make unobtrusive recording of the meeting, or in various other situations to monitor places and stay inconspicuous. Glasses have a wide range of use because they can be used for example, on holiday, concert, or if you want to record other experiences. After connecting HD glasses to your computer it works as a card reader and you can download the recorded videos and photos to your PC or laptop.



PLUS Glasses with perfect camouflage the built-in HD spy camera
plus HD resolution 1280 x 720p at a frequency of 30fps
plus Use of microSD card up to 32GB
plus 2x spare arm with battery 260 mAh


Video resolution: 1280 x 720
Video frame rate: 30fps
Video format: AVI
Resolution lens: 5Mpix
Format 16:9
Battery: 2 x 260mAh
Battery life: up to 1,5 hours of recording (two batteries up to 3 hours of recording)
Power supply: DC-5V
Power cord: mini 8Pin USB
Memory cards: microSD card up to 32 GB
Operating temperature: from 0 ° C to 60 ° C


1x Glasses with HD camera
1x Mini 8Pin USB cable
2x Spare arm with battery
1x Reduction for USB charging cable
1x Manual



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Yakub respond

Can it film in live that we can see it in a monitor in another place in live streaming coming directly by the glasses?

Cool Mania

Glasses with built-in spy HD camera (perfect camouflage)

Mario Bruchanik respond

HI live streaming its possible but only with this model: <a href=""></a>


Glasses with built-in spy HD camera (perfect camouflage)

Faustino respond

how many GB built in SD card what is the max GB

Cool Mania

Glasses with built-in spy HD camera (perfect camouflage)

Mario Bruchanik respond

32 gb

We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (2)