360° panoramic WiFi camera with HD resolution + IR LED

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360° panoramic WiFi camera with HD resolution + IR LED comes with a view of the fish eye, thanks to which it provides large-scale monitoring.

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Product description

360° panoramic WiFi camera with HD resolution + IR LED comes with a view of the fish eye, thanks to which it provides large-scale monitoring. No dead zones, but complete coverage of the space of about 100m2, so you will cover every angle of view. For such a wide coverage area, you would need at least 4 common cameras, but thanks to our 360° panoramic camera you will save a lot of money.

360 spy camera

The camera supports WiFi allowing easy installation on the wall or ceiling, and the option to control via a mobile phone. Just download the "V380" mobile app (iOS, Android) into your smartphone, pair both devices, and start watching the image in real-time. The security camera can be connected to a home router via WiFi or Hot Spot, allowing you to view the picture anytime and anywhere using your mobile phone. The scanned image of camera can be edited by swiping your finger on the smartphone to set the ideal angle, or you have at disposal up to 5 display modes. Each mode makes the panoramic camera the ideal guard for indoor use.

360 degree camera panormatic

The panoramic camera also has motion detection, so you'll always be alerted to your mobile phone if there occurs any movement in the space. The ability to set up an audible alarm on the camera to alert unwanted guests and warn that the area is monitored. The perfect way how to always have a secured home, office, shop or garage during your absence. The camera does not have problems with poor lighting conditions, or even in absolute darkness thanks to infrared LED light. It still maintains the same HD quality of image and provides night vision up to 9 meters.


Security camera 360


The camera also offers two-way communication, because as it has built-in high-sensitive microphone and speaker. You can listen during watching and at the same time via your mobile phone you can talk to your baby or pets while you are at work. Captured records will pass the H.264 compression to reduce file size and then are stored on a micro SD card with support up to 32 GB (not included). If the SD card's memory is full, it will start recording in a loop and overwrite the oldest records, so you will keep the current images.

panormatic camera


plus Full HD realtime video
plus Two-way communication
plus Motion detection and automatic alert
plus Recording in loop
plus WiFi connection
plus Night IR vision



Video resolution: HD 1280 x 960
Audio: built-in microphone and speaker
Memory: supports micro SD cards up to 32GB
Operating temperature: -10 ~ 50 ° C indoors
System support: iOS 6.0 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher.
Dimensions: (W) 70 mm x (V) 36 mm
Weight: 60 g


Package contents:

1x 360 ° panoramic camera
1x USB cable
1x AC adapter 220V/USB
1x Mounting accessories
1x 3M sticker
1x Packet with 2 screws
1x User manual



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360° WiFi panoramic camera with HD resolution + IR LED

Rastislav Varga respond

Good day,
Can the camera be placed on the wall or just the ceiling? And can the transmission be watched only in the given recording object, or also while outside the territory of the object? Does it have to be paired only with home Wi-Fi directly in the building, or can it be monitored without it via mobile data?
well thank you

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

360° panoramic WiFi camera with HD resolution + IR LED

Pavel Kováčik respond

Good day,
Yes, the camera can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall, but when installing on the wall, you need to change the shooting mode. The camera can also be monitored remotely, but it is necessary that the camera is connected to a Wi-Fi router with Internet access or it can also be connected to a Wi-Fi hot spot from a mobile phone. If the camera is not connected to a Wi-Fi router, you will be able to track the camera only within the range of the Wi-Fi network that the camera itself broadcasts.

Translated from: sk

camera - camera operation time

Michaela respond

Hello, I have a question about the camera (360 ° WiFi panoramic camera with HD resolution), I would like to know if this camera can record continuously 24 hours a day, with the fact that it will be powered from a socket or do you need to change the batteries? And can I watch the video from anywhere or only from a specific distance?
Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

Translated from: cs

360° panoramic WiFi camera with HD resolution + IR LED

Pavel Kováčik respond

Good day,
This camera does not have a built-in battery and therefore it is necessary to have it plugged in, or it can be connected to an external battery (power bank). Thus, the camera will record continuously and after the memory card is full, it will cover the oldest recording. If the camera is connected to a power bank, it will work until the power bank runs out. As for watching the camera remotely, yes. The camera offers the option of connecting to a selected Wi-Fi network, which gives the device access to the Internet and allows you to monitor it remotely.

Translated from: cs
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

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