Led strips 2,3mm - orange

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Led strips as ideal additions to your party clothes, bar and car decorations for you to shine as never before. See a photos to inspire.

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Product description

Led strips as ideal additions to your party clothes, bar and car decorations for you to shine as never before. See a photos to inspire. Power is supplied by batteries placed directly in the control box.

These unique neon colored fibers can be combined arbitrarily, to adjust the size you need, whether for clothing or other party decorations - car, bars. The standard fiber length is 3m.

neon el wire

  • Flexible and water resistant, can be flexed into any shape
  • Up to 360 degree illumination
  • Lifetime: more than 12,000 hours
  • Ideal for parties, decorations for clothes, car decorations, bar and other decorations
  • Fiber diameter: 2.3 mm
  • Fiber length: 3 m
  • Operating temperature - 40 ° C to 80 ° C
  • Power supply with batteries (need to buy a power supply box EL inverter)

el wire

!!! It is necessary to buy the power box - EL inverter to each neon wire !!!

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Led tape 2.3mm

Julie Křišťanová respond

Hello, I want to ask how the straps are attached to the clothes and whether they are flexible. Furthermore, if they can be arbitrarily shortened without damaging their functionality.
If I want to use, for example, 3 colored tapes on one jacket, will it be necessary to buy 3 power supply boxes?
Thank you

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Cool Mania

Led strips 2,3mm - orange

Mario Bruchanik respond

Hello, you can attach led strips in several ways, either with glue or by sewing. You can arbitrarily shorten them (however, you will not use the shortened part). In the case of 3 different led strips, you will also need 3 power supply boxes 2x1.5V yes.

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irios respond

Is it possible to illuminate the wires directly from the car's power supply via the cigarette lighter socket or directly from the car's electrical system?

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Cool Mania

Led strips 2,3mm - orange

Pavel Kováčik respond

good day,
Yes, the fiber can be powered by the cigarette lighter, but it is necessary to buy into the cigarette lighter inverter, which can be found as an accessory to the product.

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