Inverter for AC/DC

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Inverter to the mains allows you to permanently power the neon fiber through the power outlet, what is ideal for lighting up apartment or house. Inverter allows flashing function or permanent lighting of neon fiber.

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Inverter to the mains allows you to permanently power the glow el wires through the power socket, what is ideal for lighting up apartment or house. Inverter allows flashing function or permanent lighting of neon fiber.

Inverter can supply more neon fibers, but their length must not exceed 12 meters.  To use of multiple strips, you must purchase splitter - the plug for connecting multiple strips.

The power adapter with output 12V voltage and 1A is included.

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El vire cables

Peter respond

Good day. I would like to find out how the cables are connected behind each other... do they have any connectors? Or do they need to be purchased? After the connection, will it be one unbroken passport? I need 10 m and I want to connect it to 220 V
Thank you

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Cool Mania

Inverter for AC/DC

Mario Bruchanik respond

No max. the length of the fiber is 3 meters. However, you can connect more 3m fibers to this inverter using the splitter So together it can be more than 10m, but not for one fiber, but all together.

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question regarding the article

Pöhlmann respond

Ladies and Gentlemen
is this inverter also suitable for the 5mm glow el wire?
Kind regards,

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Cool Mania

Inverter for AC/DC

Pavel Kováčik respond

Yes, this inverter is compatible with 5mm neon fiber

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zFPWdwPk respond


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