EL inverter for 2x 1,5V AA batteries

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EL inverter for 2x 1,5V AA batteries

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Product description

EL inverter for 2 x 1.5 V AA battery control box for party neon strips is designed for a neon strip with a length of 3 m. It can also be used for more strips but the overall length of the strips should not exceed 3 m. The use of multiple strips is necessary to buy a splitter - terminal for connection of multiple strips.

* It will lights/flash for about 4 hours (2xAA 1.5V batteries not included)
* Modes: Steady lights, fast flashing, slow flashing

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division of belts

a technical question - if I want to make a "crown" with discontinuous beams, would it work to take one battery inverter, from it a distributor into three strips, into it another three distributors (so in the end 9 terminals) and into them a cut strip? Are there any ends that can be attached to the belt? I don't understand how else it would be possible to make discontinuous images on the costumes. Thanks

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Cool Mania

EL inverter for 2x 1,5V AA batteries

Mario Bruchanik respond

Good day
A maximum of 3M fibers can be fed from this inverter, or the length of all fibers together (connected to one el inverter) must not exceed this length.
We also have an inverter for 8 fibers on sale: https://www.cool-mania.cz/party/svitici-party-vlakna/multi-inverter-pro-8-vlaken
In other words, it is optimal to connect a maximum of 3 fibers to one splitter together with one electrical inverter.

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Monika Marková

Neon filament

Great selection, I can only recommend it. We have a beautiful dance performance with the children. Thank you, Monika
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EL inverter for 2x 1,5V AA batteries

fast delivery product without defects
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