Transparent protection glasses fully closed with valves + Anti-fog

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Transparent protection glasses fully closed with valves + Anti-fog. Protective goggles for best protection against contamination.

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Product description

Transparent protection glasses fully closed with valves + Anti-fog. Protective goggles for best protection against contamination. The glasses are fully closed and therefore excellent for protecting and preventing eyes from a virus like Covid-19. The virus does not pass through the glasses to the eye membrane. External goggles resistant to dust, impact and splashing, fully closed. The glasses have superior lenses that are totally clear and resistant to fog and vapor resistant, are fully transparent, comfortable to wear and have a stylish design. Their main advantage is the complex sealing of the covered part of the face. The mask is designed to fit perfectly to face and not to create unwanted gaps through which harmful particles could potentially penetrate.

The glasses have a reinforced and contoured part above the nose as well as space for the nose bridge, the big advantage are the valves, thanks to which there is no danger of the goggles fogging.


protective goggles fully closed

Prescription safety glasses - Ideal combination with masks, respirators and drapes for perfect protection against bacterial and viral diseases

protective glasses against corona virus

These glasses adhere firmly onto the face and are transparent while protecting, even at night the transparency is very good. Effectively protects against harmful droplets of bacteria and viruses and is fully transparent, providing excellent visibility and at the same time the glasses are not fogged up in steam or humid environments.

Protective goggles effectively prevent dust, droplets or harmful particles in the air from contacting the face and eyes

protective goggles against bacteria and viruses

protection against air pollutants



plus Lightweight and comfortable material, thin frame construction
plus It is also possible to wear onto prescription glasses
plus Suitable for everyday outdoor wear, especially at times when you need to protect yourself against diseases and viruses, such as Covid19.
plus In factories, at work, for sports, for example, cycling, mountaineering or even in construction


Technical specifications:

* 100% brand new and high quality, transparent lenses
* Anti-fog, protect the eyes, the glasses are completely sealed
* Dust, impact and splash resistant
* Material: Plastic frame + PC transparent lenses
* Type: Safety glasses
* Adjustable strap
* Size: unisex
* Dimensions: 15,5 cm x 7,8 cm


Package contents:

1x Safety glasses

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Transparent protection glasses fully closed with valves + Anti-fog

The glasses are very good. Thanks to the ventilation openings, they hardly mist on me at all and even when worn for a long time, they do not swell. Along with the mask, I feel really protected and that is
probably the most important thing nowadays.