Leather desk mat - (Mahogany wood + Leather) 100% Handmade

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Leather desk mat - ​Luxury writting pad in a combination of the highest quality materials (Mahogany wood + Leather) Handmade.

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Product description

Leather desk mat - ​Luxury writting pad in a combination of the highest quality materials (Mahogany wood + Leather) Handmade. This unique high-quality desk set will make your office a completely different place. The maximum representative character is guaranteed by the use of the highest quality materials, such as mahogany wood and leather. All products in this category are made of first-class wood and 100% synthetic leather, all handmade and honestly sewn and processed by HAND MADE production. The unique design with a combination of dark mahogany wood and Bordeaux leather (red wine) looks maximally classy and noble - a luxury accessory for the office or study. The work mat has dimensions of 58x39x1 cm. Luxury leather desk pad (mat) - unique office accessories. Writing mat or faux leather placemats.

Desk mats - elegant and luxurious made of wood and leather

luxury table mat leather wooden

The work mat is designed to always have your important documents at hand and not within reach of curious eyes around you. Thanks to its hidden place, it allows you to keep important documents securely hidden. Under the cover there is a space where you can easily store your important documents. The pad looks luxurious and elegant thanks to the use of first-class materials at the production. Dark polished mahogany in combination with leather in the color of Bordeaux red wine will definitely captivate everyone.

luxury table mats leather wooden


100% handmade and 100% synthetic leather - this is the ideal gift for anyone who appreciates a quality product

About leather: only 100% synthetic leather of first-class (Exclusive) quality is used for the production of our products. The production of such products is exclusively handmade.

We support the sale of products (Animal Friendly) that did not cause any animal cruelty. The materials from which luxury office sets are made, are either natural or synthetic. The leather used for the production of office sets and accessories is 100% synthetic leather (Exclusive) and looks as luxurious as the original animal leather, and no animal was hurt.

handmade leather



plus High quality and elegant product
plus Made of mahogany wood and synthetic leather
plus 100% HAND MADE
plus Luxury design: dark wood and red leather (Bordeaux)
plus Hidden storage space for important documents


Dimensions: 58x39x1 cm
Material: Mahogany wood and leather
Color: dark wood and red leather (Bordeaux)

Package contents:

1x Table mat made of wood and leather

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Location of planning calendars

Peter respond

Good day,
is it possible to insert weekly paper planning calendars on the sides of the pad?
Thank you in advance for your answer

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Cool Mania

Leather desk mat - (Mahogany wood + Leather) 100% Handmade

Mario Bruchanik respond

Hello, yes we think it should be possible

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We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

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