Multifunctional skin cleaner 7 in 1

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Multifunctional skin cleaner 7 in 1 is an essential accessory for your skin, because highly effective treats the skin and improves skin quality and helps to keep it healthy and beautiful.

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Product description

Multifunctional skin cleaner 7 in 1 - an excellent cosmetic device for perfect skin. The device cleans the pores in depth, reduces wrinkles, stimulates skin muscles for firming the skin, massages the skin cells, removes dark spots, supports the production of collagen, destroys bacteria and acne. This multifunctional cleaner is an essential accessory for your skin because highly effective treats the skin and improves skin quality and helps to keep it healthy and beautiful.

multipurpose cleaner skin

EMS: Micro electrical impulse stimulates the skin muscles for firming the skin, acts on relax of the muscles, elasticity, reduces soft wrinkles, etc;
3MHz Ultrasound: skin lifting, reduction of fat in the skin, massage of the skin cells, support of formation of collagen and improvement of blood circulation, smoothing of soft wrinkles
Red light (wavelength 625 +/- 3 nm (18 LEDs) skin rejuvenation, whitening, elimination of dark spots, support of formation of collagen, effectively tightens pores, acts against redness of skin
Blue light (wavelength 465 +/- 3 nm (18 LEDs) kills bacteria directly in the skin and reduces inflammation, has a preventive effect on acne, smoothes scars, etc .;
Green light (wavelength 525 +/- 3 nm (18 LEDs): calms and balances the skin tone, helps prevent the formation of uneven melanin (pigment). An excellent treatment that makes skin smooth and bright, while calms the skin and stimulates the lymphatic system.
Yellow light (wavelength 592 +/- 3 nm (18 LEDs) relieves irritation, and aims to increase the immunity of the skin. It also stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system, and helps rid the skin of toxins and improve circulation. This treatment is particularly suitable for swollen and sensitive skin.

Galvanic ions: galvanic ions deep clean the skin from impurities, that can cause dull skin, and the skin does not look refreshed. This process occurs, when negatively charged ions attract and release stored toxins, and prepare them for removal. And then later positively charged ions attract and try to remove already released toxins out of the skin. This treatment not only thoroughly clean the skin, but also improves  oxygenation and circulation, which supports cellular health and helps to protect against damage with free radicals and premature aging.

juvenate skin

The most important thing is to choose the right products for skin care that suits your skin type, can be used with this device and may help treat skin conditions.

The procedure for best results:

Skin whitening and correction of dark spots (recommended to do every other day)
Choose "Deep cleanse" mode to clean the skin. Then select "Nutri-plus" for improvement of the skin. Also choose mode "Whiten"and the LED lights will alternate in order to effectively brighten up and improve the skin. Apply 10 to 15 seconds on some area of ​​the skin. Use icons for identification of mode you want to choose. This treatment takes 15 minutes.
Acne treatment (recommended to do every evening)
After cleansing and toning of skin, select mode "cleanse" for effectively removing impurities from the skin. Then select "acne-care "and using a cream or gel make a massage of skin. Apply 10 to 15 seconds on some area of ​​the skin. The blue and green lights will rotate and thereby effectively treat acne and blackheads.
Treatment of sensitive skin (recommended to do once a week)
Select "cleanse" to clean the skin, or "nutrition" and gently massage your face. You can also select the "anti-acne" and the LED lights will rotate for optimal results.
For each procedure you must use water, distilled water, oil, gel or cream to achieve the best results for each treatment.

rejuvenation and skin cleansing

Type: Massage & Relaxation
Size: Medium
Material: ABS
Use: body/face
Plug connection: EU / US Plug
Recharging: YES
Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
Color of device: red, white
Dimensions: 185x55x55 mm
Weight for the Net/Gross weight: 181 g/650 g
Packaging: Gift box
Gift box dimensions: 250x230x75 mm
Color of LED light: red, blue, green, yellow
The ultrasonic wave frequency: 3 MHz
Input: AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz;
Output: DC5V, 1A
Current: 300 mA
Ultrasonic probe: 25 mm
Package size: 250x230x75 mm
Certificate: CE, RoHS

Treatment 1: Cleaning (From bottom to top, inside to outside, moving slowly) "Cleanse and ION+" or "Deep Cleanse/ION+ & Ultrasonic"
Turn on the device and select "Cleanse and ION+" or "Deep Cleanse/ION+" a Ultrasonic. Use a cotton pad and apply a small amount of water on the face and clean face and massage the skin for 5-10 minutes. Move device slowly and carefully around the face, using the guiding icons to imitate the movements. After use, clean the probe with a damp cloth. (This unit is not waterproof, so be careful, do not use too much water)
Treatment 2: Nutrition
Turn on the device and select "Nutrition/Ion-" or "Nutrition Plus/Ion-" and Ultrasonic. For this procedure, use cosmetic products based on water, such as toner, water, essence, oil, gel or liquid. Slowly move the device around the face, apply 10 to 15 seconds on each area. Use the guiding icons for navigation during the procedure. After use, clean the probe with a damp cloth. (This unit is not waterproof, so be careful, do not use too much water)
Treatment 3: Treatment photo-rejuvenation
After switching on the device, select "Whiten/Red & Yellow LED". Red light works for 5 minutes and alternates with yellow light for 5 minutes. Move the probe gently around the face and apply 10 to 15 seconds on each area of ​​the face. Red and yellow light lightens dark spots, and supports the production of collagen and elastin.
Or press the "Anti-Acne/ Blue & Green LED"
Blue light will operate for 5 minutes, then will alternate with green light for 5 minutes.
This treatment is particularly effective for acne skin. Apply about 10-15 seconds on each skin area.
Treatment 4: acupuncture, face-lift and relax
Select "face lift" and make massage of the face. This mode will lift and slim the face. This treatment will last 15 minutes, with the application of 10-15 seconds per each area. Use the guiding icons for navigation during the procedure.

1x Multifunctional skin cleaner
1x Power cable
1x Power adapter
1x English manual

WARNING: This device helps and improves the cosmetic effect of skin and trying to achieve the best results for your skin. So it is trying for example to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and helps to smooth them, but the device itself does not remove existing wrinkles, it can be done only with proffesional cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery.

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