Massage vibration gun - 5 speed levels and 5 massage heads

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Massage vibration gun - 5 speed levels and 5 massage heads. Whether you are an athlete, a bodybuilder, a workman or an ordinary person who needs to be pampered.

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Product description

Massage vibration gun - 5 speed levels and 5 massage heads. Whether you are an athlete, a bodybuilder, a workman or an ordinary person who needs to be pampered with a relaxing massage, this vibrating massage gun is right for you, giving you the best option to have a masseur everywhere with you! You can have the comfort and relief of your physical pain and stiffness right at home without opting for pain relieving medications which by the way, have bad side effects on your health.

vibrating massage pistol 5 speed levels

A vibrating massage gun offers you a more natural remedy for your growing pain. Recent studies have shown that the percussion massage provided by a massaging gun can cause muscle tissue to contract more than 30 times more effectively than conventional contractions, and this will certainly strengthen your muscles. Shape your body with this powerful massage machine , which is suitable both as a body building for your muscles and as a medical aid to treat and eliminate pain and stiffness of muscles and the whole body.

massage gun with 5 replacement heads

The massage pistol has 5 replaceable massage heads that aim to different body parts and work differently. Relieve tension and muscles, relieve pain, relax and stimulate your entire body. The large capacity 2400 mAh lithium battery when fully charged for about 1,5 hours,  provides up to 210 minutes of continuous operation at a high level.


Deep relaxing massage

The vibrating gun offers you a level of deep muscle penetration that other masseurs cannot give you. You can say that you put yourself in the hands of a therapist who will reveal the problem and weak body parts. Many sports teams use this massage vibration gun and it give to all people a better life without pain.

Multiple health benefits

This massage gun certainly offers more than you can imagine - improving sleep, relieving stress and muscle pain. It is a favorite device of many actors, dancers, athletes, tourists and even those with good health.


Massage gun features:

Relieves muscle tension and pain
Activates your body
Improves your sleep
Eliminates toxins
Increases mobility
Improves blood circulation
Accelerates muscle regeneration


The massage device has 5 different types of massage heads:

U head: used mainly on the spine
Triangular head : used mainly for the back, neck and belt
Bullet head: suitable for joints, deep and activation points
Flat head: suitable for all parts of the body
Big ball head : Mainly used for large muscle groups



Colored lights from two sides and bottom
Speed level: 5 speed levels
Frequency: Low: 1800 bpm, High: 3300 bpm
Rated voltage: DC24V, 1-10A
Rated power: 30 W (Brushless motor)
Brushless motor - is a digital 3-phase motor with permanent magnetic field
with special neodymium magnets made of a special iron-boron alloy.
Rhythm range: 10 mm
Torque: 0,69Nm
Power supply: 2400 mAh lithium battery
Charging time: 1,5 hours
Continuous working time: 210 minutes at high level
Product weight: 1,1 kg

Package contents:

1x Massage vibrating gun
5x Massage head
1x User manual

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