Mini UV light disinfection lamp 5W into pocket

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Mini UV light disinfection lamp 5W into pocket portable sterilizer with rechargeable battery is suitable for home disinfection or use when traveling.

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Product description

Mini UV light disinfection lamp 5W into pocket portable sterilizer with rechargeable battery is suitable for home disinfection or use when traveling. Nowadays, we often face various bacterial and viral traps on the objects we use every day, so it is important to protect ourselves against them and ensure that our health is protected. With a mini UV sterilizer, this will be much easier as its UVC light effectively removes the germs of bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes. Germicidal lamps (lights) for sale online - you can buy directly in our e-shop.

UVC light in UV lamps - fast sterilization removes up to 99,9% of bacteria and viruses

uv light bulb germicidal lamp

The device has a built-in battery that can be recharged using a Micro USB cable via a USB adapter. It is commonly used in healthcare as a UV lamp for disinfecting surgeries or operating rooms. In households, germicidal lamps are better known as sunuv lamp. Currently, the use is suitable for protection against viruses and bacteria, especially during flu seasons (Coronovid 19, etc.)

UV lamp disinfection

With UV light, it removes up to 99,9% of bacteria and viruses from various items such as respirator or protective mask, dishes, bowl, baby bottle, pillows, phones, food, cosmetics and hygiene items.

mini UV sterilizer

LED lamp

The UV sterilizer also serves as an emergency LED lamp

mini UV lamp for sterilization

Useful helper into handbag

The compact size of 85mm x 30mm and the built-in rechargeable battery make the UVC lamp convenient to use anywhere, anytime.

UVC sterilizer as LED lamp



plus UV disinfection
plus Compact mini dimensions
plus LED lamp
plus Rechargeable battery
plus Versatile home use



Model: Profio UVC Pocket Lamp N2
Type: UV lamp
Color: Silver
Material: ABS
Input voltage: 5V USB
Power: 5W
Battery: 500 mAh
UV wavelength: 254nm
Outer size: 90 mm (height) x 35 mm (width)
Weight: 250 g


Package contents:

1x UV mini sterilizer
1x USB cable
1x Manual


What is UV-C radiation?

UV-C radiation is one of three types of UV light, its wavelength causes damage to the cell membrane and disrupts the DNA of viruses and bacteria and destroy them. This germicidal radiation therefore has disinfectant features. As it is a UV light, it is able to disinfect all the surfaces onto which it impacts, and in the case of various fabrics, it penetrates directly into them without damaging them. Such a germicidal light is not a new technology, but has been used for years, mainly in health care. The sterilization UV lamps were used mainly for disinfection of operating rooms, but we could also see them in various surgeries or waiting rooms. 

UV-C lights emittance and use

Use of germicidal light, UVC disinfection and sterilization:

- In health care, waiting room, surgeries, operating room
- In the food industry, food storage, storage areas
- Sterilization of drinking water
- In breeding for disinfection of terrariums, aquariums, bedding, food
- In hotels, restaurants, offices, toilets
- Sterilization of air conditioning, tools, instruments and machines



When activating the lamp, people and animals need to leave the room!
UV-C light can cause eye damage, so we recommend you to buy safety goggles from our offer when using it.
Animals or plants must not be present in the room you are currently disinfecting.

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