Germicidal lamp UV 360° - Mini disinfection lamp 2,5W with ozone

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​Germicidal lamp UV 360° - Mini disinfection lamp 2,5W with ozone for efficient sterilization and disinfection of home or other premises (car).

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Product description

Germicidal lamp UV 360° - Mini disinfection lamp 2,5W with ozone for efficient sterilization and disinfection of home or other premises (car). Nowadays we often face various bacterial and viral threats in the air, against which it is good to protect ourselves and ensure air purity in areas where we spend our daily work or leisure. This will really be possible with a UVC lamp with ozone. Germicidal lamp actively sterilizes with 360° difusion for maximum coverage of disinfection and air purification from bacteria, viruses and odors.

The lamp contains a rechargeable 700mAh Li-on battery and its compact size makes it practical and usable anywhere.  A sterilization lamp (sunuv lamp) is commonly used in healthcare as a UVC lamp for disinfection of operating rooms or surgeries. In households, germicidal lamps are better known as ultraviolet lights. At present, is suitable to use the lamp for protection against viruses and bacteria especially during flu seasons (Corona - covid 19 etc.) Germicidal lamps + UVC lights - best uv light sanitizer for effective ozone disinfection and room sterilization with ultraviolet sunuv (bulbs, tubes, led) in stock for sale online - you can buy at good price.

This UV sterilization lamp has a very stylish design

sterilization uv ozone lamp

Germicidal UVC lamp + Ozone disinfection

The germicidal lamp works simultaneously with UV light and ozone for maximum efficiency for 30 minutes. The sterilization lamp kills up to 99% of bacteria, 100% of mites and removes unpleasant odors in the room.

germicidal lamp uvc

To get rid of the bacteria does not have to be difficult

A classic method of disinfection is sometimes time demanding and at the same time not so much effective to remove all bacteria and viruses. Try a new and effective method of disinfection with UV and ozone cleaning within 30 minutes.

uv lamp disinfection

Wide use of UV lamp

It is a germicidal lamp, which is suitable for use in smaller rooms such as wardrobe, toilet, nursery, pet room, car etc., where the disinfection of the environment is needed.

ultraviolet light bulbs for disinfection


Product features:

plus UV + Ozone
plus 360° sterilization
plus Compact dimensions
plus Effectiveness against viruses, bacteria, odors
plus Rechargeable battery
plus Versatile use in various areas



Model: Profio UVC Zion
Type: UV germicidal lamp
Input voltage: 5V USB
Power: 2,5W
Material: ABS
Battery: 700 mAh
Power supply - 3,7V
Product dimensions: 140 mm (height) x 60 mm (width)
Weight: 400 g


Package contents:

1x UV Mini germicidal lamp
1x USB cable
1x Manual


What is UV-C radiation?

UV-C radiation is one of three types of UV light, its wavelength causes damage to the cell membrane and disrupts the DNA of viruses and bacteria and destroy them. This germicidal radiation therefore has disinfectant features. As it is a UV light, it is able to disinfect all the surfaces onto which it impacts, and in the case of various fabrics, it penetrates directly into them without damaging them. Such a germicidal light is not a new technology, but has been used for years, mainly in health care. The sterilization UV lamps were used mainly for disinfection of operating rooms, but we could also see them in various surgeries or waiting rooms. The germicidal emitter was also used in the home and was also known in as sun uv led lamp.

UV-C radiation lights use

Use of germicidal light, UVC disinfection and sterilization:

- In health care, waiting room, surgeries, operating room
- In the food industry, food storage, storage areas
- Sterilization of drinking water
- In breeding for disinfection of terrariums, aquariums, bedding, food
- In hotels, restaurants, offices, toilets
- Sterilization of air conditioning, tools, instruments and machines



When activating the lamp, people and animals need to leave the room!
UV-C light can cause eye damage, so we recommend you to buy safety goggles from our offer when using it.
Animals or plants must not be present in the room you are currently disinfecting.

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Germicidal lamp UV 360° - Mini disinfection lamp 2,5W with ozone

Hana respond

Hello, I would like to use the device for manicure, the size of the room is 4x2m and sterilization within 15 minutes...
Will this lamp be enough for me?
Thank you for your response

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Cool Mania

Germicidal lamp UV 360° - Mini disinfection lamp 2,5W with ozone

Mario Bruchanik respond

Good day
yes, this germicidal lamp should be fully sufficient for these dimensions.

Translated from: sk

Germicidal lamp 360 degrees.

Alena respond

Hello, how do I charge the battery? Isn't there a socket connection to the USB end? Is she able to clean the room as well? In what time?

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Cool Mania

Germicidal lamp UV 360° - Mini disinfection lamp 2,5W with ozone

Mario Bruchanik respond

Good day,
yes, the lamp can be connected to a network USB AC/DC adapter via a USB cable, or connected via an external battery.
As for the sterilization of the room, it depends on how big the room is, but on average it takes about 30-40 minutes.

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We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (1)

Fero Trencin

Sterilizer against corona

I bought it a week ago, but I felt the effects after a few minutes. The lamp looks as modern as a microphone, but it is such a miraculous lamp.. The whole family is afraid of using it, but now we feel much safer.. Every day we turn on this lamp for 20 minutes and only then we function normally..
Higher price, but this is an investment that pays off
Translated from: sk