Alpha 1Pro interactive, programmable robot - Humanoid

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Alpha 1Pro interactive, programmable robot - Humanoid from UBTECH. Control via the mobile application. Up to 17 modes such as intro, dance, yoga, kung fu and other ...

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Product description

Alpha 1Pro (successor to the Alpha 1S) is an interactive, programmable robot - Humanoid from UBTECH designed for families. Every little boy wanted to have a robot which he could control and play with it. Today's advanced technology brings us this opportunity in the form of funny humanoid robot Alpha 1Pro. The robot has these 17 modes such as intro, dance, yoga, kung-fu. The movement is provided by 16 servomotors which are placed in flexible joints. It is flexible and can move as well as a man, what allows him to perform a variety of highly complex actions. Various motion actions you can learn him so you can customize the behavior of the robot according to your wishes.

alpha 1 to turn control over tablets

The robot is very easy to control and completely programmable even for amateurs, but with his functions and programming options is fun even for advanced programmers. To control it and for programming can be directly through your mobile phone with system Android and iOS, or via 3D visual programmable software on a PC that is freely downloadable on the website of the manufacturer UBTECH for Windows/Mac/Linux. You can programme him even with manual positioning of limbs and body of a robot, that learns and saves your movements of servomotors in the joints.

alpha 1 to turn control via mobile phone

Through application for programming you can share and download the programmed movements and functions via the internet with other users. The communication of robot with a mobile phone is provided via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Programmed new features are stored in the external memory card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. The interactive robot is made of durable and strong materials (aluminum alloy and ABS plastic). It is powered by 2200mAh battery that is built into the back of the robot. There are also controls like the ON/OFF button, the port for charging and for PC connection with the robot. The battery is charged in two hours and its capacity enables 1 hour of operation.


Alpha 1 for interactive robot

Applications for robot alpha 1 ubtech




plus Interactive programmable robot
plus 17 predefined modes
plus Simple operation and programming
plus Designed for children over 10 years
plus Controlling and programming via mobile phone or tablet
plus Motional flexible as man



Number of servomotors: 16
Material: Aluminum alloy, ABS plastic
Speaker: 3W Mono
Processor: STM32-F103RDT6
External Storage: microSD card up to max. 32G
Control mode: Dual-mode Bluetooth 3.0 / 4.0 + EDR BLE
Battery: 7,4V 2200mAh
Operating time: 60min
Charging time: 120min
Compatible systems: Windows / Mac / iOS / Android
Dimensions: 398 mm x 208 mm x 122 mm
Weight: 1,68 kg



1x Alpha 1Pro Interactive Robot
1x AC/DC power adapter
1x USB cable
1x Manual

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Can the controller's heat sink be reached or pushed?

John Smith respond

I will come to you. What is this field?

Translated from: hu

Alpha 1

Markus respond

Does anyone know where I can get replacement servo horns for the servos?

Translated from: de


Artur respond

Hello, I'm just wondering if they also speak Czech

Translated from: cs
Cool Mania

Alpha 1Pro interactive, programmable robot - Humanoid

Mario Bruchanik respond

Hello, unfortunately he doesn't understand Czech yet :)

Translated from: cs

Question about Aplha1S options

Igor respond

Good day,
I would like to ask if it is possible to use Czech in communication with Romot or to teach him Czech?
Is it possible to "program" him to do, deliver and say something concrete on command?

Translated from: cs
Cool Mania

Alpha 1Pro interactive, programmable robot - Humanoid

Pavel Kováčik respond

Good day,
The robot can only be controlled via a mobile application. It is not possible to communicate with him, you can control him and teach him moves.

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