Electric trap for mice and rats (rodents)

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Electric trap for mice and rats (rodents) is equipped with an intelligent wireless circuit sensor that senses when the rodent enters in, and eliminates any possibility of escape.

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Product description

Electric trap for mice and rats (rodents) is equipped with an intelligent wireless circuit sensor that senses when the rodent enters in, and eliminates any possibility of escape, and works well on mice, rat, squirrel and other rodent. A powerful 7,000-volt electric current instantly kills the rodents without any pain and it's easy to dispose of the dead rodent by simply lifting the lid of trap and throwing it to the waste bin. The electric trap kills rodents without the need to use toxic substances and is therefore an ideal solution for homes with small children, because it does not require any harmful poisons or chemicals for operation.

Trap for rats, mice and other rodents

electronic trap for mice and rodents

Small cost and energy saving - the rodent trap operates on 4 alkaline D batteries (not included), offering up to 30 uses, producing less waste at lower costs than disposable mouse traps, or there is an option to use an adapter. An effective trap design makes it suitable for catching on the lawn, in the garden and terrace of your home, office or storage space. When the upper and lower half of the trap is separated, the electrical circuit is completely switched off. This electronic mouse and rodent trap can be safely and easily cleaned. Package includes LED extension cable and adapter, but does not include batteries.

Innovative electric rodent trap with intelligent sensor


Effective and safe to operate
Simple cleaningThe rodent is caught in trap; no need to look for killed rodent, as when using a poison


Electric circuit: 7000 volts
Dimensions: 27,6x12,8x12 cm

Package contents:

1x Electronic rodent trap
1x LED cable and adapter

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Тетяна respond

Congratulations!) If it is not correct, how long can it be returned? I bought a similar trap, the light was on, everything worked, the bait was eaten, and the mice were alive and well for two weeks. I returned it, now I'm interested - if the same situation happens here, how long will it take to return it, two weeks or more?)

Translated from: uk

Electric trap for mice and rats (rodents)

Tomáš respond

Return period 2 weeks (max. 14 days)

Translated from: uk

Technical specifications

Daniel respond

Greetings! What voltage and amperage does the adapter (transformer) have?

Translated from: ro
Cool Mania

Electric trap for mice and rats (rodents)

Peter respond

I greet you! the voltage of the power adapter is 6VDC and the amperage is 1000mA

Translated from: ro

Does it only work with an adapter?

Jan Zach respond

I would like to ask if rechargeable batteries can be used instead of disposable batteries?

Translated from: cs
Cool Mania

Electric trap for mice and rats (rodents)

Mario Bruchanik respond

Good day
Yes of course

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We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (5)


Electric trap for mice and rats (rodents)

It works as it should
the price
Translated from: sk

Electric trap for mice and rats (rodents)

This is not a rodent trap but a TERMINATOR! Mice moved into my house and I tried everything (I have a dog so poison was not an option!) but nothing worked. I plugged this beast into the socket and I'm sure that the problem will be over within a month, because I throw away 2-3 mice a day. In addition, this is probably the most humane killing of a rodent.
Power supply via batteries and plug
Ultra-fast kill
The only thing she lacks is that she doesn't know how to throw them out herself
Translated from: sk
Jkknn Unimkm

5 rats killed

It really works, I have found 5 rats there
I didn't have confidence, but great
Translated from: sk

Electric trap for mice and rats (rodents)

I was skeptical, now I'm delighted. It just works.
Translated from: hr

Electric trap for mice and rats (rodents)

If you really want to get rid of mice, invest in this product. I throw out one mouse after another. In addition, it is one of the few that works on both batteries and an outlet
Translated from: cs