Best wearable air purifier for allergies and smoke

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Best wearable air purifier for allergies and smoke. Personal air cleaner in a stylish necklace to clean the air around you.

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Product description

Best wearable air purifier for allergies and smoke. Personal air cleaner in a stylish necklace to clean the air around you from harmful bacteria, pollen, smoke or smog with exceptional effect. This unique portable air purifier will make your everyday life perfectly enjoyable. The ionizer necklace is unobtrusive, elegant and efficient. Each of us wants to live in a clean and healthy environment. Unfortunately, many of us forget that even the air we inhale every day needs care. This is exactly what the air ionizer is used for and we offer a compact air purifier in the form of a necklace. Portable air cleaner is suitable especially for allergy sufferers (pollen trapping) but also for anyone who wants to reduce the effects of passive or active smoking.

Ionizer as a pendant blocks pollen and so is suitable for allergy sufferers but also absorbs cigarette smoke and thus is a suitable accessory for everyone

air cleaner and purifier in necklase

A personal air purifier releases 1000000 anions per m3 (efficiency up to 1m3), which disinfects the breathing air, helping to improve your health. Many people spend around 80 to 90% of their time indoors each day. The air in buildings plays an important role in our health. Polluted air full of various fumes and bacteria is the cause of many diseases and health problems. It is important to protect yourself and others during bacterial and influenza seasons (eg COVID-19 - Corona). 

portable air purifier necklace

clean air Air purification and antibacterial function

The pollutants are neutralized by anions which purify the air in the room. Anions are equally good for removing harmful substances, various odors as well as unhealthy bacteria or viruses..
cell activation Activating cells and increasing the organism resistance

Anion-rich blood ensures the most active movement of cells in the body. In other words, in areas that are full of anions, the cells are more active, what promotes the growth and circulation of blood in the body.
blood purification Blood purification

The blood in our body is weakly alkaline, but due to the too polluted air, the number of cations in the blood increases, what increases the acidity of the blood. Anions restore the acidity of the organism to its original values benefical to health.
relieving allergic symptoms

It reduces the risk of allergies and strengthens lung function

Respiratory allergies are caused by a substance called Anerugen. Anions reduce the chance of getting an allergy by removing Anerugen from the air. The air remains clean, increasing your body's resistance to lung problems.


Technical specifications:

Power supply: USB
Area of application: <10㎡
Voltage (V): 6V
Type: Negative ion
Function: Formaldehyde removal
Anion density: 1000000 pcs/m3
Power input (W): 1 W
Output power: 5V
Noise level: <10 dB
Effective space: <1m3
Function: Odor removal
Dimensions: 39 * 39 * 16mm
Weight: 25 g


Package contents:

1x Necklace ionizer
1x Charger
1x Manual

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