EMS stimulator for ass and firm hips

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EMS stimulator for ass and firm hips to help you strengthen critical parts of women body. Dear Ladies! Firm up your butt.

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Product description

EMS stimulator for ass and firm hips to help you strengthen critical parts of women body. Dear Ladies! Firm up your butt and hips and delight your beloved man.

We bring you a professional training device that will help you to strengthen the critical parts of women body. Do you desire to have the narrow hips and the firm butt, but you do not have time for that? After a long day at work, you run away home and the second work with kids begins while you are thinking what to make for a dinner? You probably do not have much time for a fitness. Never mind!


We have a solution for you.
This EMS device is a training helper, which you can use wherever you want. In the office, at home, at work, in the garden. You will hide it under your clothes and no one will even know that in the meantime you work on beautiful women curves.


ems shaping ass

Product description

  • a perfectly adaptable U-shaped device that contains hydrogel pads
  • the ergonomic design of the hydrogel pads adapts to each type of body
  • contains 2 high-performance settings modes to either strengthen and build muscle or switch to relaxation mode, and enjoy a nice massage
  • The device also works with the remote control
  • USB rechargeable battery




How does EMS stimulator work?

  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a technology that works on the principle of electrical stimulation of muscles using built-in electrodes.
  • Sometimes it is also called NMES, the technology to induce muscle contraction using the electrical pulses.
  • EMS technology has shown significant and effective results in recent years as well as results in formation and strengthen of muscle mass.

how the butt shaper works

What is EMS technology used for?

  1. Muscle strengthening - rehabilitation purposes
  2. Prevention of muscular atrophy
  3. Increased blood circulation
  4. Relaxing purposes - a massage to relieve stressful muscles
  5. Cosmetic purposes - stretching or strengthening of curves





Technical specifications

Model EMS
Functions: EMS technology for strengthening, relax and shaping muscles
Material: ABS
Energy source: built-in rechargeable battery
Frequency variable frequency 4Hz-100Hz
2 functional modes Training + Massage
Levels of intensity 15
Automatic shutdown 25 minutes
Dimensions ø 4,2cm × H 1,4cm
Dimensions of gel pads L 390mm x W 214mm
Number of electrodes 2
Weight 14,6 g


What does the pack contain?

1x EMS stimulator
1x pad
1x charging cable
1x protective cover
1x remote control
1x user guide

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EMS stimulator for ass and firm hips

I use the EMS stimulator mainly after exercising the buttocks and thighs because of its vibrations that contract and relax the muscles. I feel that the stressed parts are stronger and more relaxed. Definitely
I recommend it as a supplement to exercise.
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