DOD RX7W + with optional GPS module

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The camera in the car in the rearview mirror DOD RX7W + with additional GPS module has function of anti-dazzling mirror, G-sensor, F1.8 aperture.

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The camera in the car in the rearview mirror DOD RX7W + with additional GPS module has the function of G-sensory r data protection at impact. Recording when motion is detected. It has a 3 "super large LCD screen, widescreen 16:9 for a more comfortable video playback. Has a new WDR technology - quality video in any lighting. Obviousness is a Full HD resolution video recording. Compared to the previous model, the auto-camera RX7W + and improved connection external GPS module, which provides immediate information about your current and average speed, also location on the map with storing data on the entire route, which you have received.

The F1.8 large aperture and CMOS sensor, you can get excellent quality recording in low light conditions. Certainly appreciate the useful function - a nti-dazzling mirror. This design effectively screens successive car lights for your car. And finally offered their own video editing function and password protection.

The camera in the car in the rearview mirror DOD RX7W +

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The camera in the car in the rear view mirror DOD RX7W

Car camera and rearview mirror DOD RX7W +
Advanced WDR technology - captures great images in any lighting
3DNR interference reduction - reducing interference in low light
F1.8 aperture lens with superior protective coating
Lens design - Anti-glare
Patented fastening with velcro
Omni-directional - Omni-directional swivel lens and the recording
3 "super large screen, it can be turned on / off while recording
Memory card support up to 32GB Micro SDHC
Function for editing your own videos
Password protection
Function on / off sound
G-Sensor - Data protection at impact
Video recording when motion is detected

* Automatic calibration time
* HUD compass
* HUD speed display
* Warning speeding

* Only using additional GPS module


WDR technology of The new WDR technology - quality video in any lighting. well balanced exposure, regardless of whether it is a sunny day or dark night. Forms a clearer night shots, and reduces exposure to strong light for best picture.
3dnr function reduction of interference A digital reduction of interference, can effectively reduce the interference as appropriate digital signal ensures the image clear and natural.
superior aperture F1.8 The F1.8 large aperture and CMOS sensor, you can get excellent recording quality in all conditions.
speeding Smart overspeed warning. Choose your own speed and once you exceed the speed, the alarm will automatically alert the increased rate.
speed display HUD speed display. Reaches 5 times faster GPS update. Travel speed is displayed on the screen in km / h.
HUD compass HUD compass display. Reaches 5 times faster GPS update, electronic compass is displayed in real time on the screen with the ability to indicate the direction in which you are going.
auto calibration Automatic calibration time. Receive GPS signals and records the "time" and the date "and automatically saved to Autochambers.
password protection password Password protection. This feature allows the owner to password protect settings control or other operational settings, change, or delete the video or image data files.
3 inch wide screen 3 "super large screen. With greater viewing area. 16:9, offers a larger screen for video playback.
Anti Glare Anti Dazzling design Anti-dazzling mirror. When driving at night the lights of cars driven on the back always blinding drivers. DOD RX7W + has a mirror that has a surface formed multilayer vacuum deposition. This design effectively screens the rear lights of cars.
micro sd card 32 gigabytes Supports Micro SD card up to 32 gigabytes
editing files own brand Self-editing video. You can check the video your name, insert car brand, or your ID number.
g sensor impact protection G-sensor data protection at impact.
On impact, emergency braking or tilt the car will automatically protect all stored and the current video files. Through this function the important files will not be deleted or overwritten in a time loop recording.
sound on / off
Manual SOS protection. In case of emergency allows users to protect existing file long press "SOS", keep a file of the recording loop to overwrite it.
otocnz lens and velcro design Omni-directional swivel lens and recording. Patented design - Velcro fixation. This Dizaj elimunuje handles deformation as a result of exposure to sunlight
recording when motion is detected Recording when motion is detected. Video recording starts automatically when the vehicle is moving without pressing any button.

Video Resolution 1920x1080 @ 30fps, 1280x720 @ 30fps, 1280X720 @ 60fps, 848x480 @ 30fps, 640x480 @ 30fps
3 Megapixel Sensor 1/3 "CMOS
Wide angle lens 140 °
3 "LCD screen 16:9 widescreen
Compressed video format - H.264
MOV video format
Supports HDMI
Output mode 1080p/720p/WVGA/VGA
Composition: NTSC / PAL
Photo Resolution 1.3, VGA, 2M, 3M, 5M, 8M, 10M, 12M
Supports - external Micro SDHC Class 10 (support up to 32GB)
Built-in microphone / speaker
Electronic shutter button
Shutter speed 1/2-1/1000 seconds
USB connector 2.0/HDMI/AV
Built-in high capacity battery 3.7V 500mAh
USB 2.0 high speed transfer
Power supply 5V 1A
Size 308x82x19 mm
Weight 270 g
Operating temperature -30 ° C ~ 80 ° C

Package includes:
1x Camera Car RX7W +
Attachments 1 GPS
1x User Manual
1x Car Charger logo

Review and Test RX7W from DOD portal -

"To select Autochambers in the rearview mirror, we RX7W DOD very clearly. Compared cheaper unbranded products offers high quality video recording, reliable function, which from the camera in the car expect seamless engineering process. Camera is very discreet, his role in the location of the mirror performs exactly expectations. "

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