USB power bank 5-port with Wi-Fi FULL HD spy camera + 16GB memory

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USB power bank 5-port with Wi-Fi FULL HD spy camera + 16GB memory. Multifunction charger for mobile phones and hidden Full HD 1080P security camera.

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Product description

USB power bank 5-port with Wi-Fi FULL HD spy camera + 16GB memory. Multifunction charger for mobile phones, iPods, iPads, tablets and hidden Full HD 1080P security camera for home or office with motion detection. Hidden spion camera in 5-port USB multi charger with built-in 16GB micro SD card. Spy hidden camera that you can buy online for a good price directly at our store.

wifi camera in usb power adapter

Higher power and up to 5 ports consume 30W of power, allowing simultaneous charging of multiple devices such as Smartphone, iPad, iPod and other devices. Mini camera is located on the front of the charger, wide lens with 90° viewing angle can record video at a resolution of 720/1080P HD and take a pictures. The built-in camera supports remote Wi-Fi viewing so you can see live video and photos through the app.

USB charging adapter with 16GB card support

Download the free "HDeCAM" app from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS), and connect your mobile device to your home WiFi, and then watch FULL HD video in 1080p resolution in real time. So, even in your absence, you can see what is happening in your home, office or store.

FULL HD video in real time power bank cam

If you turn on motion detection in a downloaded app, the hidden camera will start recording the motion that occurred within 5 to 6 meters around it. Videos will then be saved to the app on your smartphone. This device has been designed with a built-in mini-hidden camera in the USB adapter, to guard the babysitter or children, pets, home or employees at work, to prevent breaking into the house, etc.

power bank spy camera

The 5-USB charging adapter is highly compatible, so it can charge multiple USB plugged devices at the same time, so it meets the needs of the whole family or business, while allowing you to control the camera and to view real-time video from your phone or computer, in the short distance or remotely.

USB charger + hidden camera

The device disposes with 16GB of micro SD card storage and there's no need to worry that the card might be full,  because the loop recording function works automatically and overwrites the oldest files with newer ones.

5 USB port cahrger with camera

It supports taking pictures with a mini-hidden camera, just work with your Smartphone while you are at home or outdoors, you can easily take photos and then save or view them using your application, which you can download by the instructions in the product package.



PLUS USB power 5-port adapter
PLUS WiFi FULL HD 1080p camera with motion detection
PLUS Security camera with 90° viewing angle
PLUS Multifunctional charger for Smartphone, iPad, iPod, Tablet ...



Pixel: 12 megapixel CMOS
Resolution: 1080P 720P
Video format: AVI
Frame rate: 25 frames per second
Viewing angle: 90°
Motion detection distance: 6m direct distance
Minimum illumination: 0.05LUX
Loop recording
Compressed format: H.264
Storage: built-in micro SD card 16GB
Power consumption: 260MA/3,7 V
Power: 30W
Input: AC100-240V-1.0A
Output: DC 5V - 6.0A
Storage temperature: -20 to 50° C
Operating temperature: -10-60° C
Operating humidity: 15 - 85% RH
Support computer operating system: Windows/Mac OS X
Support mobile phone operating system: Android/iOS
Dimensions: approx. 110 mm x 78 mm x 60 mm

Contents of the package

1x WiFi camera in USB power adapter
1x User manual
1x USB power cable

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USB Power Bank 5-port with Wi-Fi FULL HD spy camera

Piffrement respond

Hi. Can you see the camera? Seems to me as if you can see it well. And does it also record sound?

Translated from: de
Cool Mania

USB power bank 5-port with Wi-Fi FULL HD spy camera + 16GB memory

Mario Bruchanik respond

Hello, yes sure, you can see pictures very well and also record sound :)

Translated from: de


Pavel respond

Good day,
I don't understand the label...
When the camera is on and I have the app... And I want to see what's going on in real life... Does it work at a certain distance? Or can I be at the end of the republic and watch through the app?
Thanks for the reply

Translated from: cs
Cool Mania

USB power bank 5-port with Wi-Fi FULL HD spy camera + 16GB memory

Mario Bruchanik respond

Good day
Yes, you can connect the camera via a wifi online access point and then you can connect to the camera online via mobile phone, tablet, etc. from anywhere in the world.

Translated from: cs
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

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