Spy Camera in keychain + 2GB SD

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Spy Keychain camera with excelent quality of video recording. You can buy online for best price at our certified e-shop Cool-mania.eu

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Product description

Spy Camera in keychain + 2GB SD with excelent quality of video recording. You can buy online for best price at our certified e-shop Cool-mania.com. Mini Spy camera in the shape of the keychain to remote control of car, excellent quality of image and sound. You can buy in our online shop at a great price.

Revolutionary Micro Spy Camera, in miniature size. Forget about the poor quality video, this camera is designed for professionals and is now available for everybody. It records in the incredible resolution of 720x480 pixels and 30 fps - that is completely smooth video! It can shoot photos at a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. Auto focus and brightness balance.

Onone charge will last recording for above standard quality of video with sound 60-90 minutes! Charging is via USB port. Micro camera has a card reader and high sensitive microphone. This mini camera is perfect, just pin it on your keychain, and no one will even dream of it, that you carry a professional camera. The price of this camera is very low power in compaing with its power.

Avoid cheap imitations Keychain Spy Camera
We guaranteed quality keychain cameras

 keychain camera 


Technical parameters of device:

• Camera Resolution: 720x480
• Pinhole camera for digital recording in real time
• Highsensitive built-in microphone
• Weight: only 15 grams
• Operating buttons for easy and quick start of recording
• Discreet and elegant design in matt black colour
• Parameters: 50x32x13mm
• Simple connection with PC via USB port
• The photographic images with a resolution of 1280 x 1024

Power supply: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V 280 mA, battery life of about 60 to 90 minutes. Charging via USB cable connected to your computer.

Included is a 2GB Micro SD card for storing of records!
The seller accepts no responsibility for misusage of cameras for illegal purposes.

Product discussion (4)

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Connecting to a PC

Ľubo Chorvatovič respond

Is it possible to download a video when I have win 10?

Translated from: sk

video camera

feri respond

I would like to know if it records when people move or if it records in one piece.

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

Spy Camera in keychain + 2GB SD

Mário Bruchánik respond

Good day
The device does not have a motion detection function, so you have to turn recording on and off manually.

Translated from: sk

Duration of work

Алексей respond

What is the exact duration of work without recharging? 60 or 90 minutes and what does it depend on?
Somewhere they write 30-40 minutes.
Please specify

Translated from: ru

Shot angle

Michal respond

Hello, I would like to ask what angle of view the given camera has? Thank you for your response.

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

Spy Camera in keychain + 2GB SD

Mário Bruchánik respond

Hello, the angle of the camera is approximately 90 degrees.

Translated from: sk
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (2)

Dalibor Moravčík

Spy Camera in keychain + 2GB SD

Shooting and recording in good light really nice.
It's worse in low light.
Translated from: sk

Spy Camera in keychain + 2GB SD

easy to use, works well
sensitive to light, if the lighting is bad, nothing can be seen
Translated from: cs