Hunting cameras KeepGuard - capture the thieves

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Hunting cameras KeepGuard - capture the thieves with motion detection with a D1 resolution of 720x400 pixels. This camera is also constructed for use in the forest or other exterior

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Product description

Hunting cameras KeepGuard - capture the thieve with motion detection with a D1 resolution of 720x400 pixels. This camera is also constructed for use in the forest or other exterior (cottages, houses, etc.). You just fix it tightly and it will monitor your ground. Thanks to its camouflage color this camera is more than inconspicuous​. The photographs or video sequences display information such as date, time, temperature ...

Trail Camera KeepGuard KG-690NV photo traps belongs to the first generation of photo traps with very advanced technology of night exposure by infrared diodes. Thanks to the longer focal length of the lens, it is possible to make images of greater proximity to view its details. The new feature of Intelligent PIR sensor settings, depending on the ambient temperature. There is also a sound recording to videosequence in D1 resolution (720x400). 8MP resolution ensures high-quality pictures.

keepguard camera

The hunting camera does not need a power source, it operates on a classic 1.5V AA batteries up to 8 pieces. The camera has a sufficiently long endurance (depending on the quality of batteries of up to eight months in the standby mode) thanks to motion detector that activates the camera after noticing of any movement. Videos and photos are also stored on an inserted memory card (supports up to 32GB). For shooting at night, the camera was equipped with 36x IR LEDs that perfectly illuminate the space in front of the camera, and this light is not visible to the naked eye. With the number of 36 IR LEDs is thos camere better than more expensive and bigger photo traps with stronger lighting units.

The regulation of brightness lighting in case of shorter distances up to 20 meters. For easier handling the camera is equipped with a small 2.4 "LCD screen. Do not miss the fascinating events in nocturnal nature and experience it through KeepGuard hunting camera.

KeepGuard hunting camera


- Wifi: no
- MMS: no
- SMS: no
- Photo: 8MP
- Video: 720 * 400/30fps
- IR LED: 20 to 25 meters
- LCD Display: 2.4 "
- PIR motion sensor sensitivity: High / Normal / Low / Auto
- Deadline: <0.8s
- IR LED Sensitivity: High / Medium / Low
- Aspect Ratio: Wide Screen (16: 9) / Full Screen (4: 3)
- Power: 8xAA batteries
- Power consumption: <200 mA (8 months battery life in standby)
- Water resistant: IP64
- Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
- Humidity: 5% -90%
- Weight: 235 g

Night Vision

- Infrared Lights: 36 IR LEDs - 940nm black invisible rays


- Screen size: 2.4 "LCD


- SD card up to 32GB


- SD card slot
- Charging Slot
- Mini USB slot


- Dimensions: 140 x 104 x 70 mm

Package Contents

1x KeepGuard trail camera (KG690NV)
1x USB cable
1x Manual
1x Bracket

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Hunting cameras KeepGuard - capture the thieves

zakova respond

Please help. I need a camera trap for the thief who steals my wood, iron, planks, beams. I am seventeen years old and I need advice as soon as possible. He comes here at night and it is someone from the village and he stole so much wood from me that I can't let it go. Since I don't know anything about this, I need advice, but it should be as soon as possible. I am also limited by the price, so again not the most expensive one, so that you can see who it is and it should be turned on for about a night. thank you Žáková and I am waiting for a reply as soon as possible.

Translated from: cs
Cool Mania

Hunting cameras KeepGuard - capture the thieves

Mario Bruchanik respond

Good day
Thank you for your request and based on your specifications I can recommend this photo trap:
It will fully meet your needs and we believe that the unwanted visitor will soon be revealed.

Translated from: cs

Hunting cameras KeepGuard - capture the thieves

kocisek karol respond

What is the SK CZ English menu?

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

Hunting cameras KeepGuard - capture the thieves

Pavel Kováčik respond

Good day,
The camera has a menu in English only.

Translated from: sk
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

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