Solar GPS Tracker 4G - Real Time Tracking + IP67 Waterproof + 10000mAh Battery

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​Solar GPS Tracker 4G - tracking in real time + IP67 coverage waterproof + 10000mAh battery. Solar panel, magnetic charger, IP67 water resistance.

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Product description

Solar GPS Tracker 4G - tracking in real time + IP67 coverage waterproof + 10000mAh battery. Solar panel, magnetic charger, IP67 water resistance make this device ideal for various deployments that require long standby time and continuous optimal performance. LTE communication with emergency GSM (2G) ensures a stable connection almost all the time. In addition to these features, multiple operating modes, a variety of peripherals, and a set of event-triggered notifications will make this locator a valuable part of your fleet management strategy. It is ideal for use on ships, trucks, vans, work machines, agricultural machines, etc.

LTE & GSM Network

Communication via 4G LTE network with emergency 2G GSM. The GPS locator supports emergency 2G GSM and 4G WCDMA data transmission.

solar gps locator tracker 4g GPS

Tracking the location of the GPS device via the web interface

The GPS device provides tracking to the user in the form of an SMS message directly to your mobile phone , where a link to the Google map will be provided and, after clicking on it, the current location of the tracked vehicle will be displayed. Another way is through a mobile application called " Track Solid " (iOS, Android) , which you can use to find out the location of the tracked vehicle and various necessary data. The last form is tracking the location of the GPS device via the web interface " "
TracksolidPro is a SaaS platform for GPS tracking and video monitoring. It offers a complete set of services designed to monitor any driver and person, detect reckless driver behavior, track vehicles and cargo in real-time, collect vehicle data and other information to help businesses achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

!!! For the proper working of GPS locator, it is necessary to purchase a 1-10-year license for monitoring via the TRACKSOLID PRO system !!!

gps tracker locator online tracking via app

GEO FENCE function

Allows you to send Email notification when the vehicle is leaving the marked area (in case the vehicle driver would accidentally leaves the planned route)

geofence gps locator
Solar and magnetic charging

Easy charging via solar panel and magnetic charger. The solar panel with magnetic charger ensures long standby time in almost all cases. The device can provide up to 2 years of operation on a single charge, and when disconnected, the Hall sensor will trigger and send an alert, so fleet managers can be sure that their assets are under constant protection.

gps tracker - solar and magnetic charging

IP67 Dust and water resistance

The robust construction ensures continuous optimal performance even in the most demanding conditions. IP67 waterproof makes this GPS tracker ideal for a variety of applications that require continuous optimal performance even in the most demanding conditions, and the synergy of multiple positioning systems ensures strong signal acquisition and more accurate location information.

solar gps tracker locator - IP67 coverage

GPS & BDS & LBS & Wi-Fi positioning

The synergy of multiple positioning systems ensures accurate location display on the cloud platform.

GPS locator & BDS & LBS & Wi-Fi positioning

Multiple Alerts - more notifications

Instant alerts for atypical events such as cover removal, device removal, abnormal vibration, low battery, etc.

Multiple Alerts on smartphone - solar gps tracker

More working modes

Configurable working modes according to your actual requirements. Excellent tracker features, multifunctional GPS device. With its great compatibility, the device allows you to expand its functions with various Bluetooth accessories according to your needs.

gps locator functions

4G high-speed data transfer

The GPS locator supports emergency 2G GSM and 4G WCDMA data transmission. 4G high-speed data transmission can reach up to 7,2 M/s transmission, it is almost 43 times faster than 2G network.

4G high-speed data transmission - gps locator

Strong magnetic mounting

The GPS tracker can be connected to a strong industrial magnet, and therefore it is possible to attach the tracking device in a simple way to any metal surface - vehicle chassis, door, under the seat, on a container, etc. But this tracker also includes a 3M adhesive holder for placement on non-metal parts.

strong magnet to fix the tracker

Long standby mode - Standby up to 60 days

Built-in rechargeable and replaceable battery 10000 mAh 3,7V, which enables extremely long standby mode and intelligent energy saving function.
In tracking mode for 30 days (approx. 2 hours of online tracking per day) up to 2 years depending on the online tracking interval.




Gps module: Yes
APP: Tracksolidpro
Web platform:
Positioning system: GPS+BDS+LBS+WiFi+AGPS
Positioning accuracy <2,5 m CEP
Tracking sensitivity -165dBm
Sensing sensitivity -148dBm
Bluetooth BLE 5.0
RFID 2,4 GHz
LTE Cat 1/GSM communication network; LTE Cat M1/Cat NB2
Frequency: LTE-FDD: B1/B3/B5//B7/B8/B20/B28, LTE-TDD: B38/B40/B41
GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8
Battery 10000mAh/3,7V industrial lithium polymer battery
Solar power 5V/400mA (standard operating voltage/current @STC)
Solar power supply: 5V/390mA
Magnetic charger 5V/2A
Working modes: 1. Position timing mode/2. Smart positioning mode/3. Battery saving mode
Standby mode Up to 2 years in battery saving mode
Sensor against unauthorized manipulation: Anti-Tamper sensor - Hall effect
Protection cover: IP67
Alerts for: low battery, tampering, vibration alert
Operating temperature -20 ℃ to +70 ℃
Operating humidity 5%~95%, non-condensing
Dimensions 205x120x3mm
Weight 530 g

Package contents:

1x GPS tracker Profio GPS Solar U8
1x USB cable
1x Assembly kit
1x User manual

gps tracker package contents

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