OBD GPS locator with voice monitoring with an accuracy of less than 10 meters

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The OBD GPS locator with voice monitoring with an accuracy of less than 10 meters is a great tracking and safety device for classic and commercial vehicles.

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Product description

The OBD GPS locator with voice monitoring with an accuracy of less than 10 meters is a great tracking and safety device for classic and commercial vehicles. Get all the real-time tracking information you need and get an overview about the route and status of the vehicle. The OBD device is compatible with most of the vehicles on the market since 2004. With this device, you will not have the problem of localization your vehicle with high precision while taking advantage of the listening function to keep you informed of what is going on inside the vehicle.

It can be used mainly for corporate cars or car rentals. The device comes with a freely available "TrackSolid" application (iOS, Android) for your mobile phone, with which you can track the current location of the vehicle in which the locator is placed, and also you will have an overview about the alerts.

OBD GPS locator  


Alarm of disconnection

The OBD device has a standard interface so its installation in the vehicle is very simple. In the event that an unauthorized person disconnects an ODB device, you will be immediately informed by SMS to your mobile phone.

OBD gps locator

Minimum power consumption

The device is equipped with a high-performance MTK2503D chip which makes ultra low power consumption and therefore has no negative effect on the battery in the vehicle.

obd locator minimum power consumption

No installation required

The installation is very simple, just plug the OBD locator into the vehicle interface and the device is active. In most vehicles, the interface is located under the steering wheel (see picture - A area).

OBD device


Miniature and compact design

It is a very small and lightweight device that can be hold in one hand. For this reason, it can be easily hidden directly in the vehicle in order to keep it out of sight of others.

OBD compact locator

Voice monitoring

After sending the "Monitor" command to the device via SMS, the device will answer "OK" and then will  dial the default SOS mobile number. After receiving a call, the person on the SOS number will be able to hear what is happening around the car charger or the interior of the vehicle. During listening, the device does not produce any sound or light signals and therefore it is a total unobserved listening.

gps locator with listening


Overspeed alarm

If the vehicle is moving with a higher speed than the limit, the device will send the SMS to the default mobile number.

gps locator with car speed detection


Low battery alarm

When the battery drops to 10%, the device will send a warning SMS "Warning! Battery is low, please charge it in time!" to the default SOS mobile number.  The car charger has a built-in 130 mAh lithium battery and can therefore work even after being removed from the ignition. 

gps locator with battery status detection


Vehicle fleet management

If you own a fleet of vehicles in your company, you can track them at the same time under one account. With Tracksolid, you can track up to 10000 vehicles at a time.

gps locator fleet management


Double tracking GPS + LBS

The OBD device supports GPS and LBS localization. GPS is for determining the outdoors localization with a deviation of up to 10 meters and is dependent on obtaining data from satellites. LBS is for determinating the indoor localization with the accuracy of less than 50-150 meters (in buildings, rooms, companies), and tracking is obtained from data via the GSM network, so this feature can work everywhere in the mobile signal range (for example in basement).

gps and lbs locator



plus OBD device with GPS
plus Compact and miniature design
plus Listening of the interior of the vehicle via phone call
plus Integrated battery, that ensures its functionality even when removed from the lighter
plus Positioning with an accuracy of less than 10 meters


Antenna: GPS/GSM/Bluetooth
Battery: 50 mAh lithium
Network connection: GSM/GPRS
Frequency: GSM 900/1800 MHz
Operating voltage: 12 V DC
Working temperature: -20 ~ 70° C in the vehicle
Humidity range: 5% - 95%
Dimensions: 47 mm x 24 mm x 31 mm
Weight: 30 g


Content package:

1x OBD GPS locator
1x User guide


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