T shirt geek - Playing guitar

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T shirt geek - Playing guitar - buy your Sound activated t-shirt online. El shirt wholesale for best price. Equalizer t-shirt world biggest selection - MTV DJ, Alien, Equalizer.

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Product description

T shirt geek - Playing guitar - buy your Sound activated t-shirt online. El shirt wholesale for best price. Equalizer t-shirt world biggest selection - MTV DJ, Alien, Equalizer.

Here at ThinkGeek we were just wishing for a fully playable guitar built into a t-shirt when along came the Pixie of ROCK... she wailed with face melting guitar solo and *POOF* there it was in our hands...The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt.

We turned on the mini amp, cranked the volume to 11 and started to rock. As the Pixie explained, the Electronic Guitar Shirt is incredibly easy to play because each button on the neck is a major chord. She went on to mention how you can play dozens of classic rock songs with very little skill. However she warned us never to use the Guitar Shirt for evil, lest we are prepared to summon the Demon of Rock and duel to the death for musical supremacy.


chord guide

Now you can purchase one of these fine Electronic Rock Guitar Shirts and get a little wearable ROCK magic for yourself. The Electronic Guitar Shirt is not a toy that plays pre-canned musical riffs, it is a real musical instrument that allows you to play your favorite songs and sound great doing it.

All major chords are recorded from a real electric guitar, and the included magnetic pick allows you to strum just like you would a real guitar. The included mini amp clips to your belt and gets plenty loud with great sounding amplification circuitry. The tone knob on the amp lets you adjust the sound just like a real guitar.

Product Features

  • Belt out your favorite rock tunes on this t-shirt based real playable electric guitar
  • Great real rock sound
  • Play all major chords
  • Strum by waving the included magnetic pick over the strings
  • Mini guitar amp speaker clips to your belt
  • Volume goes to 11
  • Adjustable tone knob
  • Electronic components are easily removed from the shirt for washing
  • Includes two magnetic picks
  • Picks stick to speaker grill for easy storage
  • Requires 4 x AAA Batteries. Not included

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T-shirt with a guitar

jaroslav respond

Do you have a T-shirt with a guitar for left-handed people?
well thank you

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

T shirt geek - Playing guitar

ADMIN respond

Hello, Unfortunately no, only this one option.

Translated from: sk
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (10)


T shirt geek - Playing guitar

- a fun gift, it will surprise everyone you show it to :)
- strong sound
- the size is slightly smaller compared to standard sizes
- it's a shame that the guitar doesn't have more modes, e.g. to change the sound
Translated from: sk

T shirt geek - Playing guitar

perfect gift
Translated from: hr

T shirt geek - Playing guitar

- nice gift
- strong guitar sound
- overall view of the t-shirt
- shipment delivery
- communication with the seller
- underestimation of sizes - even the largest size is small for a shapely rocker (XXL is the same as L - XL in regular stores)
Translated from: cs
Sylvain Lauzon

T shirt geek - Playing guitar

We px to remove the distortion
there's po trimolo lolll
It's good
Translated from: fr
Sylvain Lauzon

Geek T-Shirt - Playing Guitar

It's been a week j my t shirt 've washed j almost at the lier vote c good :)
There is only the distortion I cross and No trim Lolll
Translated from: fr

T shirt geek - Playing guitar

great gift and fun not only for the birthday boy :-P
Translated from: sk

T shirt geek - Playing guitar

very good, the celebrant also liked it a lot!
there is none
Translated from: hu
Peter Dudok

Not just for rockers

So my 65 year old Dedo rocker was so happy with it that we decided it was the best investment
Not only for rockers, but also for tech geeks
You need to insert batteries
Translated from: sk

Super toy

I bought this product as a gift to my cousin and I must say we had whole evening super fun with this t-shirt
The sound is really strong so I hope our neighbors coulld sleep :)
you must learn the proper use of magnet
Peter P.

Super fun

I bought this for my cousin as a gift and I can say that we had a lot of fun with this shirt all night
The sound is really quite strong, so I hope the neighbors could back :))
you need to learn how to use a magnet properly
Translated from: sk