Led Hoodie - Neon Blue

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Led Hoodie - Neon Blue, with which you will glow and be center of attention among your friends wherever you are

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Product description

Led Hoodie - Neon Blue, with which you will glow and be center of attention among your friends wherever you are. Each is lined with neon fiber around zipper and hood, so you will have cool party Tron - style.

Ideal for use in discos, club, at a party or festival, and is the right investment for you if you want to get attention and be cool. Various modes like fast flashing, slow flashing and steady light.

LED hoodie

Product specifications:

  • 100% cotton
  • 2x AAA batteries (not included)
  • El inverter (control cabinet of fiber) included
  • Flexible and durable against water
  • Before washing must be removed El inverter
  • Handwash only - do not immerse any part of the fiber
  • Features: fast flashing, slow flashing and steady light

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Schwainz respond

Do you any multi colors ones like a rainbow one. I cant seem to find one

Cool Mania

Led Hoodie - Neon Blue

Mario Bruchanik respond

Sorry but not, only BLUE, RED or GREEN single colour

We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (4)


Led neon sweatshirt

I bought it for my boyfriend and he was very satisfied
The flashing effects were amazing
In the evening people were staring at him - everyone notices it at first sight
Quality material
if you could have a choice of multiple colors

Cool sweatshirt

Material processing beyond my expectations
Illumination more than good
Different modes of flashing
100% fun :))
Next time I would like to have it in white color (I mean white fibers)

Led Hoodie - Neon Blue

I bought it for my friend and he was very satisfied
those flashing effects were amazing
people stared at him in the evening in the city - he is distinctive, everyone notices him at first glance
quality material
if you had more colors to choose from
Translated from: cs

Cool sweatshirt :)

The material and workmanship exceeded my expectations
The brightness is more than good
Different flashing modes
100% fun :))
I would also buy it in white (I mean white fiber)
Translated from: sk