Bicycle helmet with FULL HD camera - Smart bike helmet with Bluetooth (Handsfree) with blinker

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​Bicycle helmet with FULL HD camera - Smart bike helmet with Bluetooth (Handsfree) + Photography, Video recording (1080p).

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Product description

Bicycle helmet with FULL HD camera - Smart bike helmet with Bluetooth (Handsfree) + Photography, Video recording (1080p) is a revolutionary bicycle helmet with turn signals (blinker), which not only protects you but has a number of smart and safety features. The biggest difference compared to the competition is the built-in camera (1080p). Record all your travel experiences directly through the helmet lens. It will never happen again that you experience something on the roads that you would like to have recorded in a video or photo, but at that moment you could not use a smartphone or camera. With a smart helmet for video recording, you will not lose any experience. The button for recording and photography is located on the left side of the helmet. The control of the cycling helmet is simple and intuitive.

Cycling helmet with camera suitable as a women's/men's cycling helmet with bluetooth + handsfree

bicycle helmet with turn signals blinkerSmart cycling helmet on a scooter bike

The helmet with bluetooth is specially shaped in the style of one unit - which means that the individual parts of the helmet for the bike or motorcycle do not separate from each other, which provides long life and increased user protection. Thanks to special materials, it weighs only about 500g, so it will not be a burden for your head even during longer rides . In addition to the classic elements, the cycling helmet with handsfree also has a removable protective glass for the eyes - it is attached to the helmet with strong magnets.

Road cycling helmet with built-in camera protects your eyes while riding thanks to special protective glass

helmet with camera and warning lightsroad bike helmet with turn signals

In addition to basic protection, the smart helmet also provides eye protection - against rocks or insects. After connecting your mobile phone to your smartphone with bluetooth, you can use functions such as hands-free, listening to music or navigation. For safety, the most important accessory of a bicycle helmet with Bluetooth is a tail light. The light serves as a warning sign, but also as a turn signal or reflective element - it is controlled by a remote control, which can be easily attached to the steering wheel of the bicycle.

Scooter helmet - bluetooth support through which you can listen to music or answer calls while driving

handsfee motorcycle helmethelmet with bluetooth on bike

The helmet not only fulfills protective functions, but also has a turn signal or brake/warning light for even better protection

helmet with motorcycle lightingroad helmet with built-in turn signals

Features of a unique bicycle helmet


Features a smart bike helmet


Material: Expanded polystyrene + Polycarbonate
Protective glass material: Glass fiber + Nylon
Number of valves: 4
Size setting: Yes
Interchangeable earmuffs: Yes
Visibility / brightness of warning sign: 50m / 200 lumens

Package contents:

1x Smart bike Helmet
1x Remote control
1x Removable earmuffs
1x Protective glass
1x Power cord
1x Manual

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helmet size

christophe respond

can you give me the dimensions of the helmet please?

Translated from: fr
Cool Mania

Bicycle helmet with FULL HD camera - Smart bike helmet with Bluetooth (Handsfree) with blinker

Pavel Kováčik respond

Have a good day,
The dimensions of the helmet are 28.5 x 22 x 19 cm.

Translated from: fr
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

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