Mini can fridge Coca Cola - Portable refrigerator - for 11L / 12 cans

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Mini can fridge Coca Cola - Portable refrigerator - for 11L / 12 cans - in the shape of a can of a well-known drink Coca Cola.

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Product description

Mini can fridge Coca Cola - Portable refrigerator - for 11L / 12 cans - in the shape of a can of a well-known drink Coca Cola with power supply for 12V and 230V + heats and cools in about 20° C compared to the outside temperature. This refrigerator not only looks like its great model design - a can with a cola - is also versatile and can cool and keep hot drinks and snacks. This mini refrigerator with a 12 V connection cable can also be used in a car, caravan, truck, or in a mobile home or on a yacht. Of course, it can also be powered by 230V - ideal decoration for a bar, club, restaurant, shop or home clubhouse. In addition to their practical use for cooling or heating food and beverages, image refrigerators are a elegant and stylish element in your interior. The refrigerator door simply clicks, it has self-locking door handle - stored items do not fall out of it even when carried or while driving.

Mini drink fridge ideal for cans

mini fridge can red portable

The refrigerator is thermoelectric, portable in the shape of a can in oversized dimensions with space for 4 pcs of 1 liter bottles, 12 pcs of 330 ml cans, or 8 pcs of 500 ml cans. The refrigerator can cool drinks by 20° C compared to the outside temperature. In the refrigerator space there is 1 removable shelf with two position options and at the bottom there is a small removable tray for practical cleaning of the refrigerator. It has a practical handle on the top so you can carry it comfortably.

refrigerator in the shape of a can

12V power supply suitable for a car, caravan, truck, or in a mobile home or yacht

mini car refrigerator

It can heat (60° C) and cool (20° C below outsidetemperature) your food and drinks to the ideal temperature

portable refrigerator can mini


Dimensions: inside: 185x175x325mm, outside: 290x290x460mm
Cooling: 20° C below outside temperature
Heating: max 60° C
Color: red
Material: ABS
Weight: 5,1kg
Consumption: DC cooling: 48W, heating: 40W; AC cooling: 56W, heating 52W
Volume: 11 liters

Package Contents:

1x Fridge in the shape of a can
1x Power cable 12V
1x Power cable 230V
1x Manual

PS: The can is delivered without the printed logo in only one color

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Product rating (4)

Adrianno :)

Mini can fridge Coca Cola - Portable refrigerator - for 11L / 12 cans

Keeps fresh drinks
Great for festivals, camping...
Light weight
Not so noisy
Funny design

Overall very good product. Many my friends ordered too after festival. Summer just behan so grab your freezer put it in your car and enjoy the party

William T.

Mini fridge

Portable and lightweight
Enough storage space
Removable shelf, there can fit big bottle

Incredible helper in sunny days. I bought it and take it with me everywhere. Handy fridge in the car ready for using anytime.
We put there not only drinks, but also food when we have a picnic in the nature.
Cool cooler :)

Elen from Cottage :)

Small refrigerator

We own a small cottage in the mountains where we often go with family. In winter, beer cooling is not a problem - everything is provided by nature, but during the summer, the air can warm up here in the mountains as well. The refrigerator is small and does not take up much space. We also like the design and we think it's perfect for the cottage life.
Translated from: sk

A great gadget for the summer

Summer is finally here and with it the time for festivals, parties, barbecues and the like. It is the part of the year that I love especially long trips. And just such a thing comes in handy for me - because it can keep drinks cold for a long time (as a student, I don't have a car with air conditioning) and we can always enjoy a cold drink with the group. In addition, nice design and execution, so great for me.
The price seems to be dead for a student, but if you get along with your friends, you can do it.
Translated from: sk