Respirators - Neoprene face masks multistage filtration - XProtect white

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Respirators - Neoprene face masks multistage filtration - XProtect white, for sale online - in stock you can buy in our e-shop.

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Product description

Respirators - Neoprene face masks multistage filtration - XProtect white, for sale online - in stock you can buy in our e-shop. This face mask is a reliable protection against most harmful particles in the air, it is suitable for anyone who want to be protected and at the same time wants to protect surroundings. This unique not only sport respirator,  is used in various sports activities such as hiking, biking, walking, running, but it is also suitable for casual wear. The protective mask with exhalation valve, which you can buy online at our e-shop, has multi-stage filtration, thanks to which it offers effective protection against air pollutants. We can often see using of it even during flu and viral seasons (such as COVID 19 - Corona) thanks to the more efficient filtration that can capture particles in the air.

The face mask filters most harmful particles in the air

sport respirator mask


Multistage filtration - Protection and elimination of most pollutants in the air

multistage filtration respirator


Sport respirator mask is made of high-quality neoprene, what makes it more resistant to water or dirt.  It can be worn comfortably thanks to its attachment to the neck with adjustable velcro. Thanks to the quality processing and suitable material, the breathing in it is very natural. So you you do not have a feeling as if you are suffocating as with classic masks. The filter, which is supposed to be placed in the mask should be effective for approximately 40 hours of its use (Replacement filters can be purchased directly from us). Except being effective our colorful face masks also look very good and can be your stylish supplement. The respirator against dust, sand or harmful particles has wide use in everyday life. Be responsible for your health and also for the people around you.

Thanks to the high-quality elastic neoprene, it fits perfectly on the face of every man or woman

how the respirator mask works



plus Dimensions - 15,5 x 30cm
plus Material - neoprene + multilayer filter
plus Multistage filtration


Package contents:

1x XProtect protective face mask
1x Filter
2x Exhalation valve
1x User manual

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Малина Йорданова

Neoprene mask

The mask is good if you regularly clean it and change the filter! It's spectacular!
It is stitching in places already and the filters are hard to put on.. I pray the filter mask holders don't break
Translated from: bg