Muscle stimulator Wireless 10 mode EMS + remote control

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Muscle stimulator Wireless 10 mode EMS + remote control, for strengthening and firming your muscles, to help with shaping your ideal belly, arms and legs more easily than ever before.

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Product description

Muscle stimulator Wireless 10 mode EMS + remote control,  for strengthening and firming your muscles, to help with shaping your ideal belly, arms and legs more easily than ever before. The revolutionary muscle forming device with specially designed EMS ( Electrostimulation of muscle mass) pads is suitable for both men and women regardless of physical condition. The perfect device is for shaping muscles, rehabilitating or intensifying your training, because it uses electrostimulation to stretch and release muscles faster than with any exercise. The device offers the great advantage, that you do not have to be in stress or to hard train to build muscles, just switch on the muscle former and relax. It is enough if you will use the muscle stimulator only 30 minutes a day for 3 months, altogether with healthy lifestyle and the results will come soon.

wireless muscle shaping machine

The muscle former is portable and completely wireless, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. Simply charge the built-in battery with included USB cable, attach it to your body using soft and flexible gel pads. Then you just select one of the 10 offered programs and the exercise can begin. Exercise programs are available in 10 types with up to 20 intensity adjustments, so it is enough to satisfy the needs of each trainee. There are 3 shapers in the package , one six-point for the abdominal muscles and the other two are for arms or other areas of your body that you want to focus on. The body shaper finds its use when running, at work, or even when training to increase the effectivity to achieve the desired results. There is also a remote control for quick and comfortable changing the intensity of the exercise without anyone noticing around. Your muscles will begin to be strengthen, shape,  your endurance will increase and improve muscle tone.

muscular dial with dial dial

EMS - muscle stimulation has been used for many decades in many centers of sports medicine and rehabilitation to help strained muscles recover more quickly, regenerate and regain lost weight. The EMS muscle stimulator is based on this technology and uses revolutionary soft EMS pads which transmit the signal directly to the muscles, which promotes their subsequent movement and increases blood flow. Muscles are composed of very fine muscle fibers that are divided into fast and slow. When practicing regular exercises, you activate slow muscle fibers and with stimulator you activate fast fibers, giving you a great advantage when using the EMS during exercise. You support both types of fibers at the same time, which will make your muscles grow faster and more efficiently.



plus EMS - Electrical stimulation of muscles
plus Intelligent chip for low performance and long-lasting comfort
plus 10 exercise programs with 20 intensity options
plus Wireless remote control
plus Strengthening and shaping of muscles



Massage frequency: 5-100 Hz
Modes: 10 programs with 20 intensity options
Automatic programs: scratching, massage, acupuncture, tapping, combination
Material: Soft silicone filling and self-adhesive gel mat
Power: charging via USB


Package contents:

3x Former/shaper
3x Mat
1x Wireless control
1x USB cable for charger
1x User manual

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Muscle stimulator Wireless 10 mode EMS + remote control

I need to strengthen my stomach and hips, so I ordered this massager. When I have it attached, I can feel the vibrations, which is quite pleasant - I have it for a while and will see how it works. I don't want to go to the gym, so I see it as a very pleasant alternative.
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