Boy´s headband with headphones - Aeroplane

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Boy´s headband with headphones - Aeroplane, it will delight every little traveler and fan of the airplanes, with which will be the travel more pleasant.

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Boy´s headband with headphones - Aeroplane, it will delight every little traveler and fan of the airplanes, with which will be the travel more pleasant. The baby headband is available in a variety of funny and friendly patterns so it is popular for every age category. Provides extra comfort as it is made of soft fleece, making it so soft and extremely comfortable to wear for children. The headband has ultra-flat headphones with volume control.

headband with headphones airplane

Children love it because it is perfect for watching movies in the bed, for long ride in the car or for dance of their favorite songs. Parents can be assured that the speaker volume is limited to the maximum recommended volume of 85 dB, to protect the hearing while the headband also dampens outside noise. Your baby will be fully protected from the risk of hearing impairment while enjoying the comfort and fun what headband provides. Headband does not restrict child with unpleasant pressure in the ear and falling out of the ear, as happens with conventional headphones. On the contrary, headband was designed to be as comfortable as possible during short or long wear. The size of the baby headband is adjustable by soft Velcro, making it easy to be adaptable for each child.

hearing aids in the cell

It will be also populat for parents, thanks to their easy maintenance. The speakers can be removed, then you can insert the headband directly into the washing machine and to clean it at low temperature. Therefore, you do not have to worry at all, if the headband is sweaty or dirty. The baby headband can be connected directly to all audio devices such as a TV, tablet, MP3 player, notebook and mobile phones that use a standard 3,5mm jack audio connection. In our e-shop you will find other funny and nice designs of these headbands, so we believe that you will certainly choose one for your baby.

detska celenka with hearing aids


plus Extremely comfortable Snuggly Rascals earphones
plus Adjustable headband size with velcro closing
plus Protection of hearing, maximum volume 85 dB
plus Easy to maintain, the option to put in the washing machine
plus Classic 3,5 mm audio connector

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Mihaela respond

Hello, do they also protect against outside noise when they are off? Thanks

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Cool Mania

Boy´s headband with headphones - Aeroplane

Mario Bruchanik respond

It is not used directly for this purpose. Of course, it can protect the child from noise, but the main purpose is to play music in the headphones.

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