Sleepphones - headphones for sleeping

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Sleepphones - headphones sleeping on sale at a bargain price you can buy in our e-shop. Certified e-shop - safe shopping.

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Product description

Sleepphones - headphones for sleeping - in yrobené of soft fabric - fleece and includes integrated high quality headphones. So SleepPhones you fall asleep and sleep peacefully, without ever disturbing your partner, or without you strangling cord.

Sleepphones - headphones for sleeping

On sale for a good price you can buy in our e-shop. Certified e-shop - safe shopping.

Listen to music, let her put to sleep, as a lullaby, you will not perceive the background noise (and snoring), or a drop of esoteric music and relax. You can even absorb language courses, encyclopedias.


Please note:
Requires connection - (iPod, MP3 player, walkman, etc.)

Product Features:
100% high quality material - fleece
Headphones are removable for easy cleaning
Excellent quality headphones with ¼ "audio input

headphones for sleeping


XS / S - small woman with short hair
M - almost every
L / XL - big and tall men with hair

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Product rating (5)

Miroslav Petr

Headphones for sleeping

You can lie on them and they don't disturb you in any way
The sound is beautifully clean and quiet
The material of the headband is nice and soft
Cables are a little in the way after all

The best of 2018

For me, this is the best product of 2018!
I have a "noise allergy" and in winter the noise of the heating system drove me out of my mind at night, but with this headband headphone solution you can even sleep on your side (it doesn't press on the ear at all) listening to U2, meditation music, anything makes it easier to fall asleep, and the relaxation. +++++
In the cable version, the cable is a bit disturbing if you move around while sleeping. (But if you buy a Bluetooth audio receiver and plug the "earplug" into it, it works almost wirelessly. If it also has a clip, you can also put it on your T-shirt)
Ondrej Palenčík

It pays off

Sleep is much better now
Quality materials
Good response of sound sources
I didn't notice

Sleepphones - headphones for sleeping

I have trouble sleeping so I bought this product and I do not regret.
Headband fits really well
I do not feel that it bothers me when I sleep, and I do not feel uncomfortable whn I wear it.
The sound is balanced.
I would invite the product also available in white, but basically it does not really matter
Jan Holos

That's what I was looking for

I have problems sleeping so I bought this product and I don't regret it.
The headband really fits very well
I don't feel that anything bothers me or I don't feel uncomfortable wearing it while sleeping
The sound is balanced
If the product were also available in white, but basically it doesn't matter at all