Microphone BOYA BY-PM700 for PC (compatible with Windows and Mac OS)

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The microphone BOYA BY-PM700 for PC (compatible with Windows and Mac OS) is a condenser desk microphone, ideal for recording sounds, conversations.

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Product description

The microphone BOYA BY-PM700 for PC (compatible with Windows and Mac OS) is a condenser desk microphone, ideal for recording sounds, conversations, conference calls, podcasts and more. The quality sound is one of the most important components of audiovisual materials. Equally important is the clarity of the sound itself when you record podcasts, interviews or create other audio files. In both cases, the BY-PM700 studio microphone will not disappoint you.

It captures audio in quality at up to 16bit/48 kHz, it has a volume knob and a mute button for easy, fast and efficient operation. On the other side of its body you will find an amplifier adjustment wheel and four basic modes. Stereo takes care of recording sounds from the sides - the front and back sounds are filtered. This mode is best suited for recording in normal situations where you want to capture ambient events. The cardioid records sounds from the front - sounds from other sides are ignored, this mode is perfect for recording, dialogs or podcasts.

The omnidirectional mode absorbs sounds from all sides andthey are  recorded evenly - suitable for live, natural recording such as sound and environment. Two-way mode, it records sounds from the front and back - the sounds from the sides are filtered, suitable for recording conversations between two people (sitting opposite, for example interviews). The ability to change modes moves this device to a completely different level and solves all situations you might encounter in your work or hobby.

desk microphone boya

The studio microphone is compatible with Windows and MacOS (connectable via the supplied USB cable). With any software such as Audacity or Audition, you can easily create audio recordings and save them instantly. Another big advantage is the ability to connect the headphones to the bottom of the microphone to listen to the recorded sound in real time. Thanks to the massive stand, there will be no problem with the placement, but it also contains a tripod thread which extends the possibilities of its use. The BY-PM700 professional microphone is a powerful player in the market of external studio microphones and excels in its flexibility. Always be ready and don't let your creativity to be hindered by anything.

Technical specifications:

Diaphragm: 14mm
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Sensitivity: -45dB ± 3dB @ 1KHz
Power consumption: 5V/150mA
Frequency: 48kHz
Bit depth: 16Bit
Input: MicroUSB
Dimensions: Min - 112 * 108 * 200mm, Max 112 * 108 * 295mm
Weight: 1042g

Package contents:

1x Boya BY-PM700 microphone
1x Stand
1x Usb-microUSB cable
1x Manual

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