Electret microphone BOYA BY-M1

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The Boya BY-M1 electret microphone has a wide range of use for the different recording media with 3,5 mm jack or 1/4” adapter.

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Product description

The Boya BY-M1 electret microphone has a wide range of use for the different recording media. Move up level of your microphone and add quality to your work.

There are really many digital content creators today. Perhaps you also belong to those who have trouble increasing their popularity or you are doing well and just want to expand your "arsenal". Every successful video, project or recording is based on two things - good image and sound. BY-M1 will help you bring really high quality and clear sound to your work. An electret microphone is one type of condenser microphone. The electric field required for the sound-capturing function is formed by electret - a non-conductive material. They can be used for demanding measurement purposes, for studios, but also for amateur use, for example when working with a PC, recording videos, vlogs and so on. When we talked about its wide use, we meant really wide use. It can be connected practically anywhere thanks to the 3,5 mm jack or 1/4” adapter. For use with your Smartphone, simply plug it in with the 3,5mm jack and on the control panel slide it to position "off/Smartphone". The lapel microphone is equipped with patented omni technology for capturing 360 degree sound. The work with this device will be pleasure not only for journalists, but also by vloggers or streamer.

electret microphone boya

Technical specifications:

Converter: Electret condenser
Frequency range: 65Hz-18Hz
Signal/Noise: 74dB SPL
Sensitivity: -30dB +/- 3dB / 0dB = 1V / Pa, 1kHz
Output impedance: 1000 Ohm or less
Connector: 3,5 mm jack
Battery: LR44
Dimensions: 18 * 8,30 * 8,30mm - 6,0m cable
Weight: microphone 2,5g, control module 18g

Package contents:

1x BOYA BY-M1 microphone
1x Microphone holder
1x 1/4“ adapter
1x Wind filter
1x Manual
1x Carrying bag

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Product rating (5)


Simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use. It arrived on time in fifteen days in the mail as the e mail described. Value for money
So far none.


Translated from: el

Microphone Boya BY-M1

excellent hardware, reliable and smartly designed, finally with a long enough cable


Translated from: fr

Electret microphone BOYA BY-M1

Great sound, I recommend this microphone
Cable length 6m

Grade 5

Translated from: hr

Electret microphone BOYA BY-M1

I am engaged in blogging as well as creating various podcasts. I was looking for something at a good price that would add quality to my sound. This microphone met my expectations and for the price you probably won't find anything better.
The price
Sometimes noise, but for the price it's ok
Translated from: sk
Tomislav T

Electret microphone BOYA BY-M1

Quality, clear sound, low noise level. It can be connected to a mobile phone or laptop thanks to the 4-pin TRRS connector, and at the same time it goes to the mixer via the 6.3mm adapter that you get in the package. If you plug it into the 4-pin port (mobile phone, laptop), you don't even need to insert the battery. To use the mixer, you need to insert the battery and turn the switch to "on". It has a long cable of 6 meters, so it is a good alternative to wireless bugs for short distances. It can probably be connected to a DI box and pull a balanced cable over longer distances, since it has a built-in preamplifier and power supply.
So far I haven't noticed any negatives, other than the usual bugs, which is the tendency to pick up RF interference from stage dimmers. Some may find the long cable a downside, as it is very thin and care should be taken not to step on it.
Translated from: hr