Wireless handheld scanner - Handy Scan 2.0

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Wireless handheld scanner - Handy Scan 2.0 for sale at a good price you can buy online. Excellent helper for students and other users who need quickly to scan a piece of text

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Product description

Wireless handheld scanner - Handy Scan 2.0 - excellent helper for students and other users who need quickly to scan a piece of text, books, journals, photos, notes, tests, etc. within seconds - Handheld Scanner Handy Scan.

Documents are scanned at resolution 600 DPI, you simply pass with scanner over the text which you need to scan and save images to your micro SD card. You can take Hand-held scanner anywhere with you, now you do not have to loof for some large copiers with scanners. Handheld Scanner you can buy online at a good price.

Features of Handheld wireless scanner - Handy Scan

  • Handheld wireless scanner
  • 600/300 DPI scan resolution
  • Coloured or black/white setting of colours
  • Pictures stored on Micro SD card
  • It scans pages of sizes A4

Wireless handheld scanner

Specifications of Wireless handheld scanner - Handy Scan 2.0

  • Sensor: A4 Coloured contact image sensor
  • It scans the height and width for: width 8.27"; height: 300DPI: 50"(Max), 600DPI: 25"(Max)
  • High resolution : 300x300 DPI or High resolution: 600x600 DPI
  • Maximum scanning speed: 13 seconds (coloured images - High resolution), 3.0 Seconds (coloured images - Low resolution), 6.0 Seconds (black/white images - High resolution), 2.0 Seconds black/white  images - Low resolution)
  • Memory: 1GB up to 32GB micro SD card (Not included)
  • Image format: JPEG
  • White balance: autobalance
  • Function of automatic shutting down after 3 minutes of no activity
  • Power supply: 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • Batteries life: Dve AA batteries runs approx. for 180 images at resolution of 600 DPI
  • USB Port: USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 256X30X31mm

Notes to scanner

  • Lower DPI is suitable for scanning of text and black/white images
  • Higher DPI is suitable for scanning of coloured images
  • Built-in display - it shows selected resolution, remaining time of battery, the capacity of memory
  • Handheld wireless scanner Skypix - you can use everywhere

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Handy Scan 2.0

Ernest Decsi respond

I'm interested in the handheld scanner.
1./When I have scanned images or text, how can I play them on the computer? Does the scanner have an output that I can connect to a computer via USB?
2./ What format will the result be in? Does it automatically transform into word? It contains some letter recognition program Thank you.

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Cool Mania

Wireless handheld scanner - Handy Scan 2.0

Pavel Kováčik respond

Good day,
1) Yes, scans can be viewed on a computer by removing a memory card or connecting the scanner to a PC using a USB cable.
2) The device saves all scans as images in JPG format.

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We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

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