Underwater scooter for diving and swimming LESWIM S2 - Seascooter

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Underwater scooter for diving and swimming LESWIM S2 - Seascooter is a fantastic tool for moving on and under water

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Product description

Underwater scooter for diving and swimming LESWIM S2 - Seascooter is a fantastic tool for moving on and under water, suitable for fun while swimming or as a diving assistance. This underwater scooter guarantees perfect maneuvering and movement in and under water. The balanced design with two motors on the sides and a central part for storing the battery creates an elegant shape of the device. The rigid frame for gripping allows permanent driving control. Protective grilles to cover the propellers prevent possible injury to the fingers. LESWIM S2 is designed for many uses in water, it is designed for users of different ages, different figures and weights, as well as different levels of experience.

This device brings a new dimension of movement in water.

leswim water scooter

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The underwater scooter is powered by two propellers, which are located on the sides of the scooter, this ensures an even thrust when holding the device with both hands. You can also use the speed switch (1-2). Using a scooter is easy, no special prior training or experience is required. The drive propellers are covered on both sides with grilles to minimize the risk of injury to the user's fingers. The grids also serve to prevent other things from entering the propeller that occur in the water, such as seaweed, fishes, etc.

leswim 2 underwater scooter

The scooter is equipped with a bracket for attaching a GoPro camera (or another one with the same mounting system). Connecting a camera and recording a video will ensure for the user the beautiful moments while watching own video, for example comfortably at home in the TV or computer. The scooter has a safety fuse and an LED battery indicator light. LESWIM S2 with its power of 480W, immerses you to a depth of 50 meters, you can swim with it at a speed of up to 1,5 meters per second for up to 45 minutes.

leswim s2


Model: LESWIM 2
Voltage: 21,6V 2A
Maximum depth for dive: 50m
Power: 480W
Battery life: 30-45 min
Battery charging: 3h
Maximum speed: 0,8 to 1,5 m/s
Operating temperature: -5 to 50° C
Dimensions: 540x280x190 mm
Weight: 4,5 kg

Package contents:

1x Underwater scooter LESWIM S2
1x Battery charging cable
1x Manual

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Martin Meise

Underwater scooter for diving and swimming LESWIM S2 - Seascooter

The diving scooter is just fun. Especially for children who like to play in the water.
The information about the speed does not match. We did experiments with a 75 kg person and a 120 kg person. Both about 1.80 m tall. Both reached a speed of approx. 2.5 km/h (0.7 m/s) in the high level.
In order for the scooter to function or the battery to be charged, a small magnet must be inserted into the appropriate recess in the battery. Unfortunately this is not in the manual.
With my scooter it is also the case that the left switch has no function and only the right switch controls the scooter. The left switch still has a mechanical lock, so this is also without function. But it doesn't bother me.
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