Sphero Olie - smart gadget with remote control

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Sphero Olie - smart gadget with remote control. Unrestrained, futuristic, app-controlled adrenaline gadget. It rides on the blisters with speed 6,3 m per second.

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Product description

Sphero Olie - smart gadget with remote control.  Unrestrained, futuristic, app-controlled adrenaline gadget. It rides on the blisters with speed 6,3 m per second. Bluetooth connection up to 30 meters, and 60 minute drive on a single charge. Maneuverability without competition, is capable of  to turn round at small area. Spin, Drift and Flip with app-controlled tricks. Easily jumps over a ramp, resistant, durable and incredibly smart in interior.

sphero olie app ovladanie

It is located in a durable polycarbonate case and armed with illuminating LEDs. This sturdy gadget is strong enough for any terrain by day or by night. Just like the classic Sphero can be easy connected to your smart device via bluetooth up to 30 meters, so you can really give to Sphero free space. And more, each full charge offers up to 60 minutes of ride.

sphero ball to control

INGENIOUS free app is full of exciting games for multiplayer, featuring programmable tricks and stunts. So build your own dangerous ramps and orbits. Release this unrestrained adrenaline robotic gadget.

Smartphone / Tablet compatibility:
iOS devices (version 7.0 or later)
Android device (version 4.4 or later)

Product Features:
Release this unrestrained adrenaline gadget
Unique maneuverability, is capable of  to turn round at small area
It is durable outside, smart inside
Max speed of 6,3 meters per second
App-controlled tricks for unlimited fun
In tests, the Sphere Ollie was launched from the ramp and reached more than 6 meters!
Super adhesive rubber wheels that allow drifting
Durable polycarbonate body with internal glowing LEDs
Instantly connects via Bluetooth (30m range)
60 minutes drive to one full charge
Easy charging with the included USB cable
Replaceable parts of tires and hubcaps for different terrains

The kit includes:

1 set of drift wheels
1 set of rough knobby tires
1 set of standard hubcaps
1 USB charging cable
1 Manual

It measures about 25,3 cm (W) x 12.3 cm (H) x 10.9 cm (L)

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