Smart VR glasses for mobile phone for 3D virtual reality + Chat GPT + Camera - INMO AIR 2

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Smart VR glasses for mobile phone for 3D virtual reality + Chat GPT + FULL HD camera - INMO AIR 2 - a new generation of wearable VR glasses with a camera for everyday use.

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Product description

Smart VR glasses for mobile phone for 3D virtual reality with Chat GPT + FULL HD camera - INMO AIR 2 - a new generation of wearable VR glasses with a camera for everyday use. With an elegant design and dual full-color Micro-OLED displays, they offer an immersive visual experience. With an integrated AI chip and the IMOS 2.0 operating system, they guarantee fast and efficient performance. Their intuitive gesture and touch control capabilities provide easy and convenient interaction. With a lightweight SLAM algorithm and camera, they are the ideal companion for navigation, first-person recording and interactive experiences. They support Wifi internet connection and Bluetooth 5.0.

Revolution within reach - SMART unique virtual reality glasses - INMO AIR 2!

vr glasses wireless 3d intelligent inmo air 2

Thanks to the AR + AI function, they integrate smooth translation and real-time language learning of 10 languages, redefining the way of communication. With screen mirroring and built-in apps, the glasses offer entertainment, productivity and convenience all in one. They are your loyal companion that adds a new dimension of intelligence and interaction to your everyday life. The biggest advantage is that you can wear these glasses for normal wear, you won't feel uncomfortable like normal heavy VR glasses. On your glasses, you can display navigation, record videos of what you see, play video files, play your favorite music or browse the Internet, play YouTube videos, etc. And all this as if you were wearing classic glasses. When you look through them, you will see a virtual display of 640x480px where you have practically unlimited possibilities.

Wireless VR 3D glasses with FULL HD camera with optional glasses (transparent + dark glasses in the package)

intelligent smart glasses inmo air 2 wearable

Independent intelligent system

INMO Air2 smart glasses are equipped with a Ziguang Zhanrui AI Chip and a 4-core 1,8 GHz processor, which is the driving force of processing. Whether you're indulging in movie marathons, attending mobile meetings, or planning an outdoor route, the INMO Air2 guarantees fast, trouble-free performance. INMO Air2 is a breakthrough wireless wonder that reshapes your understanding of reality. In the field of cutting-edge technology, you can explore and immerse yourself in a new and captivating world without restrictions.

virtual glasses with chat gpt smart 3d

Powered by the IMOS 2.0 operating system

INMO Air2 smart glasses are powered by a separate IMOS 2.0 operating system, which provides flawless operation and extended battery life. Thanks to the wireless connection and Bluetooth 5.0, you will always be in sync with your devices and enjoy a truly immersive experience. It enables language translation (10 supported languages), notification display and error-free translation, redefining the ease of communication.

inmo os operating system

Binocular full-color display

The modern INMO Air2 smart glasses has FOV26 eyepieces with dual full-color Micro-OLED displays that provide a panoramic view that breathes life into your AR content. The reflective technology of the Waveguide display promises vivid shades and a high contrast ratio, thanks to which you will definitely be enchanted.

smart glasses with color display

Intuitive control

Interaction with INMO Air2 is instinctive and flexible. With both ring and touch controls, you have seamless control over your AR experiences. This improves your overall user experience and makes navigation easier. Stay connected, hands-free and in sync with your phone on the go. INMO Air2 allows you to receive calls, receive emails and notifications and listen to your favorite songs without any problems.

glasses with intuitive control

A lightweight SLAM algorithm

INMO Air2 includes a lightweight SLAM spatial positioning feature that lets you look up and explore uncharted territory. With 2 cameras for capturing and recognizing scenes, INMO Air2 improves your vision and ensures long-term use. Easily join meetings and take advantage of the notification display features. INMO Air2 ensures you can stay productive and connected even when you're on the roads.

innovative smart vr glasses for wearing inmno air 2

Capture first-person views

Air2's dual front cameras allow you to capture and share unforgettable moments from your unique point of view (simply record what you are experiencing through the camera), later you will be able to play these videos on the glasses. This adds a personal touch to your content and allows you to share your experiences with others.

glasses with camera and virtual reality 3d

Stunning visuals and comfortable design

Smart glasses are designed to redefine brilliance. Whether you're looking for an efficient office assistant, a smart travel companion, or simply want to immerse yourself in a world outside of reality, INMO Air2 smart glasses will let you discover and experience things like never before. INMO Air2's integrated precision translation function will take your productivity to new heights.

intelligent AI smart glasses 3d for virtual reality inmo air

Built-in applications

Smart glasses come with several built-in applications that will not only entertain you, but also improve your work efficiency. These apps enhance your overall user experience and ensure that you get the most out of them. Dive into a new realm of outdoor YOUTUBE movie streaming, light office tasks, mobile conferencing, high-speed camera video, outdoor GPS navigation, and real-time voice translation. With INMO Air2, your favorite movies and games come to life on a larger virtual screen, turning mobile entertainment into a truly enchanting experience.

inmo air 2 applications
Screen mirroring

You can enjoy the perfect entertainment experience by mirroring content directly from your iOS or Android device to the INMO Air2 glasses. This allows you to seamlessly stream your favorite content and enjoy it on a larger virtual screen. INMO Air2's seamless integration with the GPT language model ensures flawless translation and language learning. This will redefine the easy communication and improve your overall AR experience.

smart glasses for travel mirroring the image from a smartphone

GPS navigation right in front of you

INMO Air2 revolutionizes your experience by offering integrated GPS navigation in the real world right in front of your eyes, allowing you to focus and follow the road. Say goodbye to constantly checking your phone while cycling, running, hiking, or navigating unfamiliar terrain.

intelligent smart glasses

Suitable for everyone

With INMO Air2, you can enjoy visual precision and powerful smart functions while wearing your prescription lenses. The magnetic connection makes it easy to attach the lenses and say goodbye to the limitations of traditional glasses. Take advantage of the comfort and versatility of the INMO Air2 for a seamless and stylish experience. Use the INMO Air2 as a teleprompter during speeches and easily share live videos. This feature is ideal for public speakers and content creators.

smart glasses full of fun

A must have companion

INMO Air2 smart glasses are designed to be your perfect companion. With simple gestures, you can access applications, receive calls, adjust settings and more. The INMO Ring adds convenience, control and functionality to your AR experience, making it a must-have accessory for INMO Air2 glasses. You have the option to control the glasses via the touch screen directly on the frame, or via this ring, which you can always have with you.

imno ring for controlling glasses

ChatGPT AI Assistant​

INMO Air 2 smart glasses are equipped with the ChatGPT AI Assistant application, which is integrated with the Open AI GPT model. This intelligent assistant can help you solve problems and provide the information you need, anytime, anywhere. Using advanced artificial intelligence, it is able to recognize questions and provide accurate and relevant answers. Wherever you are, ChatGPT AI Assistant on INMO AIR 2 allows you to effectively use technology to solve problems and obtain information through intuitive interaction with smart glasses. Be a step ahead in the digital world with these innovative smart glasses.

vr glasses smart with chat gpt smart 3D wireless

Convenient control ring

The convenient control ring is a key element when using the INMO Air 2 AR glasses. The process of activating and pairing Bluetooth with the INMO Ring 2 is simple and intuitive. To turn on the AR glasses, just press the "confirm" button on the ring and hold it for 6 seconds, while the blue light will flash. Subsequently, it is necessary to go to the settings in the glasses, select "Bluetooth" and activate the Bluetooth switch. The option "Bluetooth pairing with device INMO Ring 2?" will appear on the screen of the glasses. And by selecting "Pair" it is possible to pair the ring in case of Bluetooth "INMO Ring 2". With this simple and effective method, the control of INMO Air 2 AR glasses is convenient and adapted to the needs of the user.

Comfortable control inmo ring for inmo air 2 glasses

A unique design that catches the eye

With a unique design, INMO Air 2 are ideal companions for everyday wear. Their stylish design is not only modern but also practical, allowing their wearers to enjoy all the amazing features anywhere and anytime. Whether you're on the roads, watching a movie or simply communicating, these glasses are a stylish accessory that allows you to combine high performance with impeccable style.

In addition, the INMO Air 2 has other amazing features including playing movies, taking photos and videos, as well as making phone calls. An interesting benefit is their exceptional appearance and the possibility of transformation into stylish sunglasses using clip-on sun lenses, which you can find in the package.

inmo air 2 glasses vr smart 3d intelligent wireless

Product features:

  • A portable personalized audiovisual experience
  • Endless entertainment at your fingertips
  • It will increase work efficiency
  • Intelligent assistant
  • A companion for outdoor activities
  • Dual binocular full-color Micro-OLED displays
  • Reflective waveguide display with up to 85% light transmission
  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • Integration of the INMO GPT application with the OpenAI GPT model
  • Cinema on the roads
  • Effortless translation
  • Efficient navigation
  • Unrivaled performance and connectivity
  • AR + AI
  • Live translation of languages ​​(10 supported) in real time
  • Hands-free convenience
  • Conference
  • Teleprompter

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 170x157x54mm
Language support: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Cantonese,
Weight: 99g
Ram: 2GB
Display: Dual (Contrast 20,000:1)
Display resolution: 640x480px
Camera: 8MP (1080P FULL HD, 30fps)
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0, Wifi 2,4 GHz / 5 GHz
Gyroscope: yes
Sound: Microphone 2x, Speaker 2x
inmo air 2 specifications

Package contents

  1. INMO AIR 2 glasses (transparent lenses)
  2. replaceable sun lenses
  3. adjustable nose pad
  4. control ring
  5. magnetic frame for custom prescription glasses
  6. magnetic power cable
  7. cloth for glasses
  8. glasses case
  9. User Manual
inmo air 2 package contents

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